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Growing up, when greeting a friend or family member, the cheek kiss was something that was automatic. It was as natural as shaking someone's hand for some people. Living in Miami, this sort of gesture was familiar and common -- not once had I stopped for a moment and thing, "oh..this is weird." It's a sign of respect and its a way to greet someone you know (not strangers or employers...but like friends and family).
When I moved to north Florida, and other parts of the United States....I quickly realized that I had to hold back on the cheek kiss. I remember a couple of people being caught off guard.
And I was like OOPS. So now, I have trained myself not to greet with a kiss, that sometimes my family thinks I am rude as hell. Haha.

Are there gestures or behaviors you had to change to adapt to other cultures?

Ever since I was young and I met someone who was Latino and was a family friend or distant relative or just a regular relative we greet each other with the cheek kiss
I've done that all my life, and actually instead of adapting or changing whAt I've been doing of ever I teach/tell people that I will do it to them and to understand why lol .
I had to learn to not do the head nod thing. such a habit people would look at me weird. unless they were Latino then you would get the head nod thing back
For some reason, we do two cheek kisses...and idgaf when I'm meeting other non-latino people (except like business ppl lol) pero you best believe I'm pull you in for a two cheek kiss and a hug..y que lol
Not really. I usually just handshake even though I tend to want to kiss the cheek but I wait until the person pulls me in lol
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