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Grab a book and hit the beach.

Okay, fine. If there's not a beach close by, hit the bed. There's nothing like grabbing an amazing novel and just getting lost between the pages. While we all have pretty busy schedules and reading can definitely be time consuming, setting aside at least half an hour to read daily is better than not reading at all.
To increase your book list and gain some knowledge, keep scrolling to check out a short list of novels compiled by POPSUGAR that are perfect for women who love a good story about love, happiness, family and growth.

Title: Tell Me Three Things

Author: Julie Buxbaum
'After losing her mother, Jessie’s father remarries and moves them from Chicago to chi-chi L.A., where she doesn’t fit in at her intimidating new prep school. When she gets an anonymous email from Somebody/Nobody, has Jessie found a new friend or could it be an elaborate hoax? Tell Me Three Things is a compulsively readable story that’s equal parts funny, moving, and mysterious.'

Title: Some Women

Author: Emily Liebert
'When the lives of three very different women are thrown off course in drastically different ways. they find each other through barre class and come to rely on each other for strength to find their way back. Some Women is a beautiful homage to the redemptive power of female friendship.'

Title: The Two-Family House

Author: Lynda Cohen Loigman
'Two babies born, minutes apart, to two sisters-in-law whose families live together in a two-family brownstone in 1947 Brooklyn.The Two-Family House is a complex story about love, family, and the secrets behind us.'

Title: Eligible

Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
'A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by the acclaimed author of Prep and American Wife. Need I say more? You'll gobble Eligible up whole — fans of Austen will marvel at this thoroughly modern remake, but you don't have to know the original to fall in love with this hilarious and clever story of reality TV dating, real life fix-ups, and family.'

Title: I'm Glad About You

Author: Teresa Rebeck
'I'm Glad About You tells the story of two people, Kyle and Alison, who were high-school sweethearts, but whose lives went in drastically different directions after graduation. With searing insights about the world of show business from industry insider Theresa Rebeck, this book is about relationships, and what we do in order to make our dreams come true.'

Do you enjoy reading?

Would you check any of these novels out?
glad about you. me and Hs sweet heart just started talking again and it intrigues me to where this story would lead.
I can relate to "I'm glad about you". Must read!
These are interesting. I still have some books and audiobooks I purchased weeks ago that I still haven't gone through yet. I've got a lot to occupy hehe
I'm going to have to read thesr...
Omg I love Theresa Rebeck. I used to do her monologues from her plays in acting school for auditions. I think once I start auditioning again I'll revisit that!
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