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how my bf should think
lol he is sooo jealous it's crazy. Even though I promise I wouldn't leave even if one of my many Oppas asked me....eeh lol
(^ goals) I would leave any man for jungkook js like I could be married already have a baby and everything but if kookie came and was like COME WITH ME I'd be like *takes my child and packs bag* this is ur real father
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...I told my husband I'd leave him for T.O.P. he said he would approve but that he gets CL.
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I sent this to my brother in law one time. I was like you should be proud and he was just like wow
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@RebeccaLondon my husband keeps saying he will ship me to Korea and I say please do lol
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@lilbr0wneyes @Destiny98 lol we can look right just can't touch
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