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lol he is sooo jealous it's crazy. Even though I promise I wouldn't leave even if one of my many Oppas asked me....eeh lol
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@RebeccaLondon my husband keeps saying he will ship me to Korea and I say please do lol
@EleanorKriegel mine is the same way
@lilbr0wneyes we are going in 4 years for our 5 year anniversary. It was decided before we got married. if it wasnt for the wedding we would have gone last year lol
@RebeccaLondon that's awesome
This is why i keep saying no whenever i get asked out. I feel unfaithful and i know for a fact that if my bias asked me to, even if they were just saying it to their general fanbase to be exclusive to them, i would pull a magic trick and that boyfriend would disappear