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The reason I give him this tittle is because he is a bias wrecker. Before I listened to BTS and really got to know them I had one bias and that was it. Sure I had other groups that I listened to, but that one bias was the one for me. Then Jimin came up (excuse me) and started to mess things up. This little cutie is sexy and cute at the same time. However he is still my bias wrecker that will not stay in his lane.
Besides him being my bias wrecker the one that attracted me was his voice. I love his voice to were he is one f my favorite vocals. I have others that I love to but with his I cry. Jimin somehow when he sings brings out some many emotions. One song that really shows is when the boys did a cover of Perfect Man. I don't know how many time I listened to that song and just oh so hard to explain on what I feel. (Yes I watched a few times before adding the video.) Another song that I love is House of Cards the full version. I love on how this song is just the vocals and all four really shine through the song.
This kid I swear when its not Hobi laughing to make my day it is Jimin with his cute little laugh. He laughs more then Hobi does and you cant help but laugh along with him. Not along are his laughs adorable but can some one explain to me on how this kid can be funny one minute to being sexy. This is one of the reasons why I have a hard time with him.
We all know that he went to Busan Art High School and majored in dance. My favorites are his solo when he is dancing to Butterfly. You can just see how each move he does shows emotion. I cried when i watched this. My second favorite is the MAMA 2014 when Jimin and Hobi have a dance battle against Block B. No its not when he rips his shirt( though I regret nothing) When Hobi and Jimin work together with this dance is the reason why it is my favorite.
What I really love about Jimin is the friendship that he has with everyone especially Taehyung. I am jealous of how close they are. I had always wanted a friendship like theirs and just seeing how close they are makes me wanted more. At the same time I love how they want to have a place right next to each other when they get older. I can so it happening. Not along does he have a good friendship with Taehyung but he also has one with Jungkook.
Jimin even if you are my bias wrecker you still have a place in my heart and on my bias list. My wish for you to take care of yourself and have a fun year. And not young man I don't need a kiss just a cute smile from will be great.
@janessaakemi every single one of these boys are my bias wreckers. it's just Jimin who is the worst out of all 7 of them.
Ugh so true. Jimin and V are working as a tag team, wrecking my bias so hard. Poor Jungkook...
His laugh though...😂
I know how you feel. He was orginally #8 on my list... until he refused to stay in his lane. I resisted for so long but he pulled out this machete he has and killed all in his way. He's now my UB. He gave me no choice.
Hence the reason he is my UB!! It's just easier that way lol
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