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No matter what you think... It's still not the end!
Finally, you were back from the endless promotions. You had barely walked in the BTS dorm and yet you had already been bombarded by hugs from Tae, Jhope and Jin. A slight coughing could be heard in the background. You turned to face where the sound came from and saw Kookie dressed up. He was in that one outfit that you loved him wearing. Oversized white shirt, blue skinny jeans and a red beanie. His hair quiffed out of the beanie and he had a tag necklace on. "I think you've had enough hugging from the others huh? Come 'ere!" You sped up to him and tightly hugged him. Oh, how you missed him. He kissed the side of your neck gently as you rested your head against his chest. After an eternity of hugging Kookie, you let go in order to join the rest of the boys. "Wow, wait here for a moment squish ok?" You obeyed him and stayed in the hall while he snuck into the kitchen. Footsteps came from down the stairs and Jimin joined you. You wanted to hug him but at this moment, it wasn't the best option. "Hey princess, good journey back?" There it was, that voice that melted your heart first time round. Why did he have to be like this? Didn't he know that you were trying to be loyal to Jungkook? "Yeah, I slept through most of it"
Jimin's POV: That was typical Y/N being able to sleep pretty much anywhere. It took me back to when she fell asleep once in the car home. When she first fell asleep, her head rested against my shoulder. Whereas, minutes later it was resting on my lap. It was nice just sitting there stroking her hair, it was so soft and she was so peaceful. If only I could turn back time, it would still be like that now. I knew Kookie had planned a little party for her and so I decided to keep her distracted while he was getting the last bits ready in the kitchen. I could have easily talked to her for longer. "I forgot to ask, how did you find working with Tammy?" She asked. Really? Now? I didn't want to work with Tammy I wanted to work with Y/N but how was I meant to say that to her? Tammy was in the other room with the boys and the rest of 4Motion. "Yeah, she was a... Good learner. Listened to every word of advice I said" She nodded. She seemed disappointed, maybe I should have said something bad, maybe that's what she wanted. "Anyway, they were right. We all got on well with our partners" I added. She stepped closer to me, that comfortable gap disappeared pretty quickly. She was whispering now, "maybe so, but I still wanted you to train me" Without me processing it, I wrapped my arms around her and she leant on my chest, "I know Y/N, I know"
Jungkook's POV: I walked out of the kitchen to grab Y/N when I saw her in Jimin's arms. What the heck was this? She looked comfortable, I thought that I was the only one who made her feel like that. I didn't know what to do so I just froze. Out of all the rumours, out of all the people, the one that she could use to cheat on me is Jimin. Not only is he in the same band, he is one of the people I am closest to in our group. What is his deal? What is Y/N's deal? It wasn't just that, I saw it in Jimin's little face... He was about to kiss her. Whether it was just on the cheek or full on snogging, I don't know. All I do know is that if he had kissed her, he wouldn't still be breathing. He stopped though, I'm so glad that he saw me. Y/N immediately turned around , it looked as if she was going to run to me but it seemed she decided it would be inappropriate. I agreed. "You can come in now!" I held out my hand and she hesitantly took it. Together, we walked into the kitchen where the boys and her band members sprung up and yelled "SURPRISE" She loved it, tears came to her eyes and I was first to comfort her happy tears. My hugs were much better than Jimin's.
Your POV: You were now in Jungkook's arms. It was as if these boys just wanted your embrace. You didn't think you were that good of a hugger. Obviously, something meant that they kept coming back. Your ear was pressed up to his chest and his heart sped up dramatically. You looked up to see him glaring in the direction of Jimin. Differently from other times, Jungkook had no reason to be jealous but this time - he had every right. There it was... You did feel something for Jimin. You had the first time you saw him... Love at first sight. That didn't happen with Jungkook, it took a bit more for you to fall for him - with Jimin, it was instant. Sure you felt bad but there was nothing you could do about it - this is how fate played out and you were perfectly happy with it.
After a while at the party, you pulled Kookie aside. "You alright babe, seem a little tense?" He sighed and took your hands in his. "No I just... wanted everything to be perfect for you and... I missed you so much while you were away" It was either the truth or a very good lie, you weren't quite sure. "Well I'm back now silly, you've got me by your side for a while" "Yeah 'a while', then I'm doing promotions then you'll be preparing for your album then more promotions. I just - worry that there's not going to be much time to spend together" Was this a breakup? I mean, you both loved each other so surely distance shouldn't matter. It seemed like the whole situation was in his hands. "I just worry you know." He stopped. You took this opportunity to properly talk to him, "are you jealous? I mean, you seem like it but jealous of who?" He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Why so hesitant? He lowered his head but you were determined to get answer. You moved so that you stood underneath where he was looking and so you were looking straight into each other's eyes. "Jimin." "Jiminie?" "Yes, Jimin, he likes you, I can tell and you- he wants to take you from me. He's older and..."
You pressed your lips to his. Your answer was straight forward, 'shut up about Jimin'. You slid your arms around his neck so that your hands were buried within his hair and the kiss carried on. He was intrigued, you could tell. You backed off from him and headed down the hallway. He was partly in shock. You turned around to face him and licked your lips while holding out your hand for him to take. He almost ran to take your hand as you led him upstairs to his room. Once you were both in the room, you went over to delicately close the door. You thought you were completely in control... Obviously not! He almost slammed your back into the wall and had you pinned there. He started to kiss your neck, making sure to leave his mark. This reminded you of what he said once,"I swear once your promotions are done, your neck will be covered in marks!" He had clearly kept to his words. He slid off your shirt with ease and you did the same to him. He returned to continue kissing your neck and you decided to speak up, "I swear babe, Jimin's got nothing on you!" From the look that was now plastered on his face, those were the exact words he wanted to hear. He smirked and looked directly at your eyes, "good" With that one word you two were off again. He was perfect for you and you him. It was as if this could last forever.
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