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Today is Thursday, which is Thurstday here in the Community. Mr. Takuya here, is going to come stir feels into your heart; every week.

β˜† Standing over 6ft tall, he was a gift from heaven.

β˜†β˜† Let's take a moment to thank the heavens for this angel.

β˜† Takuya is talented in numerous aspects. He has modeled, acted, and he's one of the Vocals for his group Cross Gene.

β˜†β˜† Him & Shin were both in Run 60

β˜† If you haven't set your heart on a bias, well Tak here, will be more than happy to steal your heart.

β˜† His gene name is Gorgeous Gene. I do believe that this is extremely fitting.

β˜† He's extremely beautiful and loved world wide.

β˜† Are you falling in love yet?

β˜† Need a little more incentive? Okay.

β˜† Look at his smile and love him!

β˜† He is absolutely majestic.

β˜† His milkshake brings all the girls to the yard

β˜† I'm just going to leave some things here.

β˜†β˜† Any Tak Fans?

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@Tigerlily84 Yeassss
yyyaasss! Takuya is my bias in Cross Gene 😍😍😍😍😍😍
@anarose Oh yay!! He's so wonderful!
@Aimeeh yes he is, and the way he looks at the camera Lord Baby Jesus! 😱😱
@anarose Haha yeassss!! Enough to murder someone!