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No one is entertained. It's really annoying.

In theory, press tours are designed to promote upcoming movies and give actors the opportunity to share their insights about the characters they played. Which is generally how it works... unless you're female. We've all seen videos of actresses cringing at invasive questions about their bodies and personal lives, or rolling their eyes at another "rabbit food" question.

And Elizabeth Olsen was no exception.

She's currently on the press tour for Captain America: Civil War. In theory she's promoting the movie, but instead she's giving very politic answers to questions that don't really deserve the time of day.


Like let's imagine for a second that someone asked a question like this to Ryan Gosling when he was on the set of The Notebook? "Mr. Gosling, did you ever feel the need to prove your masculinity while surrounded by your female coworkers?"

It's true, everyone cuddles.

Her response was great, though I think "No" would have been a complete sentence here too.

Why be a gendered caricature when you can be a real human, right?

Ok so her response was solid.

Though I suspect anyone asking such a superficial question didn't actually care about what she had to say. I'd like to direct you to Sebastian Stan's response though, because it basically sums up how I feel:

Dear reporter: Let me introduce you to the radical idea that women are people.

They also do a lot of serious work when it comes to developing their characters and stepping into a role, just like their male coworkers. And since women are rarely the majority in film, they probably know how to interact with dudes. I know they say there are no stupid questions, but this one is definitely an exception. If you honestly think that an actress being paid millions of dollars by Disney doesn't know how to behave around a large group of dudes, you probably need to rethink some things.