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You lay in his guest bed, unable to sleep. You haven’t done anything wrong but your feelings; you shouldn’t be having these feelings for someone that isn’t Chad. Would these feelings have happened with someone else? Are they specific to this man? You have to talk to Chad, reconnect with those feelings and figure out if these new emotions are real or not.
You look at your phone, its midnight here in Seoul that means its nine am Saturday morning back home. You dial Chad’s number and wait for him to pick up. He said he was working late hours, which should put him getting up later than his normal Saturday morning routine. After the fifth ring you figure it’s about to go to voicemail and prepare to hang up. As you pull the phone away from your ear, figuring you’ll try again later; you hear a quiet hello.
“Hello?” you quickly place the phone back to your ear.
“Oh, morning [YN] what’s up?”
“Christine? I’m sorry I must have dialed the wrong number! Sounds like I woke you, I’m so sorry.”
In the background you hear an indistinct voice, “Who is it?”
“Shh, it’s [YN]”.
“I’m really sorry Christine, you obviously have company. I’ll talk to you another time.”
“Aren’t you still in South Korea or somewhere? Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, I was trying to get a hold of Chad. Your names are right next to each other, I’m really sorry I disturbed you. Have a good rest of your Saturday.”
It’s useless to try and sleep now. You get up and wander back into the living room; you sit on the couch next to a still snoring Lee. Scrolling through your phone you check numbers again, your phone shows the last call you made was to Chad. You get up and wander out onto the balcony. Just for curiosity sake you dial Christine’s number. It’s answered on the third ring, Christine obviously out of breath.
“[YN], dial the wrong number again? Really bad timing this time.”
Your brain is no longer fuzzy but absolutely clear now.
“No. I actually dialed your number this time. You must have answered Chad’s by mistake last time. When his normal head has blood again, tell him to give me a call.”
You drop your phone on the seat next to you and stare, unseeing out at the view. Here you were feeling guilty for simply snuggling with another man while your boyfriend is back home hooking up with one of your friends. No wonder he didn’t care if you came to South Korea for a month, it gave him all access and no need to sneak around. You start to think back over the previous month, could this have been going on longer? Just how long have they been making a fool out of you? You wrap your arms around your legs, not caring about the tears. You aren’t crying because it’s over, you’re crying because you thought the two of them cared about you. Your phone rings and you see Chad’s face appear on the screen. Better to rip the band-aid off all at once and get it over with.
“[YN], Christine called me, said you were trying to get a hold of me and called her instead?”
You don’t want to hear them; his excuses. You just want the truth and the reason he simply didn’t just break up with you. You try smiling to give your voice a lift, but it doesn’t work.
“Oh hey, thanks for calling me back so soon. I thought it would been at least fifteen minutes, she must get off quick.”
“[YN] what are you talking about? You think Christine and I, that's absurd!” He laughs and you can hear an indistinct female voice in the background. You didn’t need proof, but there it is.
“Do me a favor would you? Just to prove me wrong. Check your last received call.”
“Why? What’s the point?”
“You want me to trust you, doesn’t that go both ways? Just do it for me… please sweety?”
You pull the phone away before it picks up you gagging on the last word.
“I don’t know why, Christine said you dialed her twice but if it will make you happy. Hold on a minute.”
You turn the volume up on the phone and, place it on speaker so you can hear everything. You know he didn’t put you on hold, he doesn’t think he’s been caught.
You smile to yourself when you hear him start cussing,
“You picked up MY phone by accident dammit!”
“They were next to each other on the night stand, how was I supposed to know?!” “There’s no way to explain away this one…”
“Chad.” You call out, hoping to get his attention amidst the two of them yelling at each other.
“I’m glad it’s out, you said you were leaving her anyway. I don’t understand why you haven’t yet.”
“Would you shut the hell up! My phone isn’t on hold!”
“I don’t care, she obviously knows, just get back on and break up with her.”
“Maybe you should leave.”
“Leave? We have plans, I’m not going anywhere!”
You try again, a little louder this time, “CHAD!”
“Oh hey sorry, someone knocked on the door; I was trying to get rid of them. No I don’t see any missed calls on my phone, I’m sure you just misclicked. You know, Chad, Christine they’re probably next to each other in your phone.
“Shut up. Stop digging yourself a deeper hole. I just have some questions and for once in your life, be honest with me.”
“I am being…”
“How long?”
“How long have you been sleeping with her? Don’t give me bullshit, I don’t care, I just want to know.”
“You don’t care? What do you mean you don’t care?”
“Just tell me how long you’ve been lying to me.”
“It’s not like you think [YN], I love you. You know I love you, we can work this out.”
You hear Christine start up again in the background, “What do you mean you love her? You said you love me!” You hear a door close and the yelling diminishes.
“[YN] ..”
“Just tell me how long or I’m hanging up.”
“Two, maybe three months at the most. I was going to tell you, but I was afraid you’d leave me.”
“Excuse me? Last I checked, no one would blame me for leaving you for cheating.”
You hear an intake of breath behind you. Before you can turn around a throw blanket is placed over your shoulders; his hands remaining there.
“[YN] I love you, I don’t want to let you go.”
You laugh; the sound of it strange even to your own ears.
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I’m refuse to be the other woman and I’m not interested in converting to polygamy.”
“[YN] don’t do this, please.”
“Go comfort your mistress; she’s the only woman you’ve got now.”
As soon as you hang up the phone it’s taken out of your hands and put off to the side. You feel really stupid, worse even since [HN] overheard and knows just how stupid you’ve been. You wrap the blanket tighter around you, resting your head on your knees, staring back out at nothing.
He doesn’t say anything, just comes around and kneels in front you. His thumbs come up to wipe the tears from your cheeks. You smile at his kindness and just kind of shrug. He disappears back into the house, only to return a moment later with a comforter. He lifts you up and sits down, placing you in his lap and arranging the comforter over the two of you.
He still doesn’t utter a word, just pulls your head to his shoulder and begins stroking your hair.
This song found me at 3:30 this morning and seemed to perfectly fit this part. Enjoy!
That lying , cheating, two timing weasel!!! Ughhh! With a friend no less!! That slut bucket! I hope his pecker turns blue and falls off!!!😠😠😠 Wow and I was fighting with my inner demons because I was having emotions that I shouldn't be having! grrrr! This man that's comforting me and holding me. What to do now?! *sigh*
@MaritessSison I was going to comment my rant but yours sums it up and more 😂😂😂
okay so we're in denial... wow... this piece of.... I don't curse but ugh... get!!! like really dude?! months!? yeah gotta be in denial.. sickening... like to me one of the lowest things you can do is cheat. I'd break up before it got that far. and I'm so her. trying to find the reconnect before trying to understand what I'm feeling for my bias.
Why are guys such jerks? Geez Chad. You don't know what you're missing out on.
@GriseldaZenger It's okay. I'm over him, but what he did still hurts tbh. It happened over a year ago now, and I have amazing friends and family that helped me when I let them. 😊 Don't you dare change your story though. Lol I love how it's coming along.
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