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Most people would say their idea of a rave party includes blinking lights, loud thumps and thuds of the beats the DJ makes, people jumping up and down and, squishing that one guy in the mosh pit. "Dubstep, motherfuckers!" one would call out, or perhaps all the rowdy friends of the county fair would do a hoedown with cowboy boots, carry bottles of beer in hopes nothing would go down when a fight commences in the middle of the dance. I'm not a fan of either of these. Being a punk rock fan and going to somebody's house or basement or garage to rock out wearing skinny jeans and graphic tees, and jumping up and down to loud anti-authority and heartbreaking music that gets you so angry and emo was the one of the few events I could go when feeling angst. Getting buzzed, smoking a cig, and as the hours pass by, without paying attention, as if the night could get worse or even not having a ride back home to crash, make out with someone who had the same heavy angst as I was having. But my idea of rave party, a party of actually being alive spiritually and walking out as the happiest man in the world, as if you conquered your accomplishments and letting go of all control, would be putting on Coldplay, Sigor Ros, M83, and This Will Destroy You; ambient rock with a sense of relief. Embarrassing, I know, I'm not good at reading or picking out party music that everyone will recommend, but these bands and melodies they perform have a profound mystique to them. It's like dancing for people who practice meditating in order to gain happiness, without the use of LSD. Imagine yourself in a dark room. There are people surrounding you, people you have nothing in common with, people who have been damaged. The lights turn on, a technicolor aspect moving around aimlessly around the room. Then the sounds of an orchestration followed by the band playing their instruments, and the lead singer comes to the microphone and sings the most angelic voice you never thought could be heard. But it gets better, the walls are like a graphic, Mosaic surroundings that turn on automatically and displays many pictures of the world you've never been to before: The uncharted wilderness of the Northwest, the dusk overview of Santa Monica beach, standing underneath the stars in the Australian outback, and the Cosmos in space. To make things even more better, colored water and dust fill the air and your clothes are covered, and the lights are in sync with the music and up on the ceiling, they make a wondrous form of astrological projections and Rorschach scribbles to make the club more alive. Meanwhile, you're dancing along to the beats of ambient rock music, and it feels as though you have butterflies in your stomach and their wings are lifting you up and up and up. That's my kind of rave.