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So I had this in my head for awhile~ so here's a little sneak peek into it :D Summary: Park Minhee, wanted to start fresh in her life, so she moved to Seoul upon her parents request. She meets someone, well more like a group of someones, the thing is the person she meets fall for her, but she doesn't know their secret... More scarier thought is that they don't know hers.
I need someplace new, my parents thought it would be good to travel back to the homeland and finish high school here. And trust me, it was scary having to live by myself. Seoul seems different than Seattle, but yet I did feel more at home here. My parents got a decent apartment, it was a nice two bedroom apartment. I had my school uniform and all my other things I needed here. It was going to be a good start I think.....
Well I hope it'll be a good start and get lots of views like my other stories. Let me know if you wanna be tagged :D
Tag me please. 😇😇😇😇
awwww, really cute. tag me for the next update please
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tag me please
Tag me please😊
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