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I don't understand a lick of Japanese (mostly because I was told I had a Korean face that one time) so I don't know what's going on in this trailer at all when it comes to what they're talking about. But just look at it! Look at the interface! Look at the gameplay! Look at the anime-ass-anime cutscenes this game has!
And I think that's why I absolutely love the Persona series. I was never one to get into anime proper but there's something about games that make me feel like I am playing them as opposed to just watching them that make me feel all giddy and stuff (that's a run-on sentence bro, keep it together).
Along with this trailer, they also reveal that the Japanese release date for the game is September 15th, 2016. Which is great and all but when will we get this game? By we I mean American people with Korean faces. I still don't know what that means. But anyway, enjoy the trailer above and let me know if you're hype for this game in the comments!