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We've finally done it you guys. And by we, I mean humanity. Because now we can wait for the catbus in the rain with Totoro. And even though I don't have an Oculus Rift to experience it on my own, I've had plenty of dreams about this exact experience. And I'd say my dreams are arguably better.
Let me tell you about my dreams:
My dreams involve waiting for the catbus with Totoro and then taking said bus to video game land where my best friend is Nathan Drake and it's easy to make money so I can pay rent and eat and live and maybe not die a sad, slow, and lonely death.
And you know, that's why I like sleeping so much. Not because I'm sad or whatever. But because my actual waking life is sad. I'm moving around from house to house for the next month wishing I had a place I could call my own. But you know, I'll never have that. But at least, at least, I'll still have my dreams, you know?
Like at least I can go to sleep every night and pretend things will get better or that I landed that dream job or that I even give a shit about anything other than wondering where my next meal is coming from. But I don't know, let me know what you think in the comments.
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