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~(Luci POV)~

I wasn't excepting them to reply so fast. I was a bit scared to open their text messages. So, I just sat there on the bed, and stared at my phone. I knew their numbers were real, thanks to Simon.
Just wasn't sure if I was ready for all of this. But could anyone blame me for feeling like this? I grew up thinking werewolves demons and vampire stuff was fake. It made me wonder, if my uncle Mark and his family were something not human too.
Oh man, if I'm right, that door going to be locked every night, and the window too. I decided to open both the text messages. At least with them, they could clear all of this up for me. I would no longer be left in the dark on everything. Heck if this is truly real, my parents were going to get an ear full from me.
Text message from Jedi:
When did you meet Simon?
Nevermind I'll have him tell me.
I'm here in Seoul, if you really want to talk, Then lets met up.
Best to tell you in person.
I'll even bring you to my company AOMG.
Text message from BusanPuppy:
Haha Jay actually sitting right next to me.
Want me to swing by to pick you up?
You might feel safer with us at the moment.
Just text us your address or you could simply call us.
If we don't answer, we'll call you back.
These boys were so very kind to me. Made me wonder if I was a wolf too. Wouldn't surprise me though, I am a dog lover and they love me. I did have some time before dinner.
I unlock my door and headed to the kitchen. I ended up stopping on the stairs, when I heard arguing. "Seriously appa!? Why is that mortal even here? She not even family!" I blinked confused by his words.
I've known uncle Mark since I was 3 years old. He even does look some what like my mother. How could he not be my family? "Yes she is! I told you not everyone in or family are wolves nor do most of them awaken. Now watch your mouth, she right upstairs."
I gulped and took a deep breath, before I headed down to where they were located. They were both in the living room. Hyuk Joon was in football gear. He just growled under his breath at me.
"Down boy, I mean you no harm." He stop growling, but kept staring at me. I didn't move any closer to him, in fear he might start something. "Uncle Mark, what time is dinner? I kind of would like to see a friend real quick sometime today. Just found out we're both in Korea."
My uncles eyes lit up, as he smiled warmly at me. "That great! Dinner is at six tonight. Invite them, would love to meet your friend." His son just glared at his father. "Not sure that would be wise... Your daughter might have a heart attack when she meets them."
I softly chuckled before taking out my phone, and texting Simon the address. "Oh is it possible they are an idol?" My uncle teased me as he grin. Hyuk Joon just gave me a look, as if I was crazy.
"Honestly, yes they are idols. I met them in the states, just forgot they actually live here too." They both looked at me surprised, as I bow to them both. "See you at dinner." I ran upstairs as fast as I could, and washed up. I got out of the bathroom in a robe, and found a note on the door.
'My little Luci,
Went to take my son to his practice.
See you for dinner... Come home for 5:30
Just to be sure you're here in time.
- love uncle Mark'
I took the note down, and went into what was my temporary room. My phone lit up, and said Simon was calling. I ran to it, and answered it as fast as I could. "Hey Simon, sorry if I missed your call or text. Just got out of the shower."
He just chuckled softly, as I put him on speaker. "Nah its all good. Just calling to let you know I'll be there in ten minutes." I was super glad, I had my outfit already picked out. "Okay but hey Simon oppa, I kind of need to be back here for 5:30 pm tonight. Family dinner and all."
Simon hummed, before we both hung up the phone. Once I was done getting dress, I noticed a key, and another note next to it. I slide on my socks, and went to read the note. 'your house key - Uncle Mark.'
I just smiled, and pocket the key right away. I text my uncle that I was heading out, and said my thanks. Once I got down stairs, I heard a horn from a car. Simon then text me that he was outside.
I ran outside, and made sure everything was locked up. When that was done, I ran over to his car, and saw Jay and Simon leaning against it. I looked around, before looking at them again.
"You coming or not?" Simon question me, as Jay held out his hand. I just ran over to them, and took Jay's hand instantly. "Glad you texted." He smiled so very warmly at me, before opening the car door for me. I sat in the back as Jay took shot gun, and Simon drove.

~(JP POV)~

My phone went off at the same time as Simon. We just so happen to be sitting next to each other, in the studio. We had the same text message, but Simon had a name to his message.
I read it, and felt my lips curl up into a smile. So she finally text me. "Your girl Luci is in Korea too so we can actually meet up with her." Simon had seem my phone too, as I glanced up at him.
"How do you know Luci?" He grinned, as he licked his lips, and lean back in his seat, after replying to her. I was in the middle of texting to her though, when he spoke up. "We met on my flight back here. She ended up sitting next to me. I realize she knew you when she held your number in her hands. She even try protecting it by putting it in her bra."
He was grinning devilishly, as he looked over at me. "She wicked playful, and scrappy too. I scared her a bit, when she called me a puppy, and that woman faces her fear by sassing me."
I just sighed, and shook my head before finishing the text. "Lets not scare her please. She coming to us to have someone show her the world she actually belongs in." I remember when I met her at the bar.
She was so calm under so much pressure. It's when I noticed she wasn't human. When a guy started trouble for her, I realize she didn't seem to know her power. I had plan to test her, to see if she was even awoken, but by judging by her knowledge of the supernatural world.
Luci might as well had been a lost puppy. Her powers were dominate, which wasn't a good thing for her. They were meant to protect her, and all of the supernatural world. To keep the balance we have, so there was no chaos.
I was distracted by my phone, by playing games. I didn't want to put it down, and miss her reply. So it kind of stun a bit, when she text Simon her address. "I'm coming along." He looked at me, and just hummed in agreement.
She was coming here to see the both of us, so it was only right. We both got up, and headed to the car. He ended up calling her to let her know we were close, but I was not sure she knew I was coming along too.
He was grinning though as he drove, which gave away she didn't know. We both got out the car when we pulled up to a brick story two story home. He honk the car horn and text Luci, as we both lean against the hood of the car.
When she came out from behind the gated front yard, she looked surprised. As well as a bit confused too. "Are you coming or not?" Simon asked her as she looked at the both of us.
I held out my hand towards her, and saw her eyes light up. She even smiled so warmly at me, that I could feel myself becoming weak for her. She bolted straight for me, and grabbed my hand like her life depended on it.
I could sense she really needed someone stable, and it made my heart race knowing I was that for her. "Glad you texted." I whisper softly to her, and got pure joy from her expression.
She seem moved by my actions when I open the door for her. She sat in the back as I sat in the front with Simon. He drove as I glance back at her. She seem at peace now more than before.

~(GD POV)~

I was in the elevator, planning to hit the studio before going anywhere else. Had to work on new music for my brothers, before the eldest had to enlist. B.I. came in and held the door for Bobby and his luggage.
"Oh hyung, just the person I wanted to see." I looked over at B.I, who was taking off his mask. "I think I found her hyung. One problem if it is her though. She hasn't awoken fully."
Bobby and B.I were my kin, and I wasn't just BigBang leader but theirs too. I had been searching for someone that was rare to be my mate, and they all knew that. "How do you know its her?" Bobby and B.I both grinned at each other before Bobby spoke. "Two words hyung, fire goddess."
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