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Nintendo/Vans Collaboration Makes Me a Very Specific Kind of Happy
After every payday, I look at my bank account and wonder what I should do with the 57 dollars I get paid every month to slam my face into a brick wall and the same answer always appears:

Buy more Vans

So, that's exactly what I do. I blow most of my paycheck at the Vans store and feel happy about it. So when I saw that Vans is collaborating with Nintendo for some new designs, I couldn't help but think about how I'm going to blow the 57 dollars I'm going to get next month.
And those Duck Hunt vans look like they've got my name all over 'em. Look at them. So majestic. So beautiful.
If you want to see more Vans/Nintendo shoes, you can check 'em out here. Some of the designs are pretty awesome. So if you're a guy that loves the Vans that love you back (like me) then maybe you should think about picking some up.
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I want the Mario shoes!
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