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Use your 2nd and 3rd biases, not your UB - it will bring slightly less tears ;) I was tagged by @BBxGD in this challenge, and all I can say is that this is seriously one of the hardest challenges I have ever tackled. Thankfully UB (T.O.P) was excluded so this is a challenge between #2 and #3, which for me are Park Jimin from BTS and Jung Taek-woon (Leo) from VIXX.
Jimin - cute and sexy. playful and energetic. This boy overtook my bias list so quickly I never even saw him coming.
Leo - sexy and painfully shy. completely adorable when he lets his guard down. Leo is fairly new on my bias list, but once he caught my eye it didn't take him long to fly into the top 3. Practically the polar opposite of Jimin, he is pretty much the male version of me.
Who would you date and why? Jimin is pretty much the opposite of me, and so I think he could really pull me out of my shell. I tend to loosen up a lot around my friends who are outgoing - I think we would have a blast together.
If you could only save one from falling off a cliff, who would you save and why? This was a painful one to even think about, but I would save Leo. I'm not even entirely sure why - maybe because Leo is so much like me that it kind of feels like saving myself.... or maybe because I feel like Jimin is loud enough to attract enough attention to get help from someone else...
Who would you rather lose your memory of? Sorry Leo!!! Jimin has been on my list longer, and being the reason I got into BTS, I wouldn't want to loose that. The first time I saw Jimin I was like "who is THAT and where can I see more of him?!?!" - he made a really strong first impression on me. Leo was more of a creeper on my list, slowly making his way onto my list and then towards the top.
Both have a concert on the same day and want you there to support them. Who do you see? Jimin and BTS, they are my second favorite band (after Big Bang), and I really want to see them live...
If both proposed to you who would you say yes to? Again, Jimin. For the same reasons I would date him - I think he would help me come out of myself and be more social. I would worry that Leo and I would just end up being antisocial together... (which wouldn't necessarily be all bad ;) )
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Like really. Why you bringing life and death into this? Why. Why.
@janessaakemi I didn't make this challenge up, I was just tagged in it, and I didn't take it as a life and death thing. I did it under the assumption that the other person would get help from someone else. No death here!! I would never be able to make a decision if that were the situation! 😣
Can't we use some "get out of jail free card" crap to save both... >o<
@janessaakemi I figured I'd gave someone with me who could save one while I saved the other. technically I'm only saving one, right?
Wow...That must've been a difficult choice between Leo and Jimin!!!! They're both so adorable!!!!