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So I'm learning some new groups. And when asked to pick a bias right away i choose. Then i learn their ages...and 8/10 times i have chosen the maknae of the group. Why!? Why do i have the curse of the maknae. I don't choose you because i know you are young i choose you cause you speak to me! And that there my friends is why I have the curse. You don't choose the maknae, the maknae chooses you. Here is who i have fallen for so far. Lord help me...
First and most recent is H.O. of Madtown. Why!? Just why!?
Next we have Yijeong. He is so beautiful and pretty, but how. How can someone go from cute little to strut my sexiness all over!? You are not allowed to wear glasses. No more. Take them off! Oh damn it. Put them on, put them back on!!!
Ilhoon of BTOB. Now i know he isn't the maknae, but he is the second youngest. I was saved on this one. But not by much. Those raps, mmhm gives me the chills. His quirky self, STOP! You will not ruin me!
Zelo, I miss you ramen blonde hair! But omg you jumped out of the darkness in Young, Wild and Free. Slow down TALL boy! Noona won't be able to control herself...
Sehun. You are truly deadly evil. Stay where you are. Stay. No longer are you allowed to wear white shirts...or a shirt in general for that matter. Get rid of them. Wait...No. Stop! STOP! What are you doing. You are a Noona killer.
Yugyeom, how have you snuck into my heart. You are so beautiful. Yet you destroy everything I had set up with my GOT7 bias order. Stop would you. Put that mole under your eye away. Quit being cute one second and then go into full sex me the next. Stop it!
I.M my darling. You have also snuck into my heart. At firat i wouldn't allow you be there, but then you make me smile goofy and all the work i built to retain you, just came tumbling down. You also are not allowed to dress nice, because hot damn.
Yibo you are the ultimate killer because you are so young...18!! Ugh stop being adorable and taking me on virtual dates. Stop flaunting your abs. You are only allowed to show me those dances moves and abs in private.
@MandyNoona BABY BAE! There's also a Moos mixed in with HO
@JiyongLeo omg our baby bae is on here
The only maknae I'm cursed with is Jungkook from BTS!! And I should have the maknae curse since they're all closer to my age than everybody else!!!! I think I have the rapper curse since most of my bias are rappers!
don't worry you're not alone
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