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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1865 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 11/?
I slowly put down the things I had in my hands and leaned on the desk, crossing my arms.
“What did I do, exactly?” I challenged, as he sauntered down the stairs at a painstakingly slow pace.
There was a recurring theme of him being pissed off whenever he spoke to me alone, and I was getting a tad sick of it.
“Don’t play dumb y/n. You come in when I warned you not to, you sabotage my lesson pla-”
My laugh cut him off. “Sabotage? Oh please Jin. When I walked in, your little temp was stood there like she’d pissed herself in front of the whole lecture room. Not to mention she was teaching them bullshit.”
“At least she doesn’t partake in illegal relationships!” He shot back. My eyes narrowed, and although my arms were still crossed, my hands curled up into fists.
“My relationships don’t determine whether the students pass or fail, and her shitty teaching- if you can even call it that- does. So why don’t you back the fuck off, and let me do my job?”
This whole time, Jin had slowly got nearer and nearer, and I had nowhere else to go without making my discomfort obvious, which I didn’t really want to do- so I stayed put.
“No. I can’t do that.” He simply replied. As if my blood wasn’t boiling already.
“Well then Kim Seokjin. Here’s the thing. I don’t give a shit about you, or your girlfriend. I’m still going to turn up to the lectures. And you can suck it up, or leave. I know you won’t go to the dean, because you don’t have a shred of evidence.”
“Is that right?” He asked me in a dangerously low voice. “You don’t give a shit about me?” Out of all the things I had just said, that’s the thing he was questioning? He was now less than an arm’s length away from me.
“No, I don’t”, I said simply, my voice matching his. He looked me up and down, and had it been another situation, I would have felt extremely self-conscious. But I was angry.
“Now, if you’re done, I have a lecture to prepare for”, I muttered, uncrossing my arms to push myself off the desk. But before I could turn away from him, he swiftly stepped forward and grabbed my forearm, making me turn back to face him.
“I said. No. More. Teaching”, he breathed in my ear as I silently writhed in his grip. It wasn’t that tight, but it was strong enough to hold me there, not matter what I did.
“Let go”, I commanded through gritted teeth.
“Why? You don’t listen to me, so why the hell should I listen to you?”
“Because I want to keep my fucking job you asshole!” I instantly screamed, and then clamped my mouth shut, eyes wide. That was so unlike me, and I was thankful that the door was shut and that classes were on.
He chuckled quietly at my reaction, but then his face went serious again. “Jin”, I swallowed before continuing. I was trying to calm myself down.
“I get it. You hate me.” I was still struggling, but not as much as before. It’s not like he was just going to give in and let go. “But please. I don’t want to lose this job.”
There it went. My dignity, flying out the window. I had resorted to begging, because Jin was fully intent on getting my ass fired.
“Please”, I whispered again, silently pleading with my eyes. His eyes, however, were still cold and empty, devoid of any emotion. So you can imagine my surprise when he swooped down to capture his lips onto mine.
His grip on my arm loosened, as he simultaneously deepened the kiss, making me sigh. As I slowly pulled away, he bit down on my bottom lip, his teeth scraping the flesh softly, making me gasp.
This was wrong. This was so wrong. But why did I like it?
“Jin?” I questioningly whispered his name, trying to hide the fact that I was still slightly panting.
Don’t do this y/n. He could have anyone. He’s just fucking about. Plus, you’re taken.
His eyes softened slightly when he heard his name. “I want you y/n. So bad.”
My eyebrows slightly furrowed at this. He had been pushing me away ever since he found out about Namjoon and now he said he wanted me? Of course I was sceptical.
“No”, I whispered. I had lost the ability to speak normally. I jerked out of his grip and backed away until I hit the desk. I was back in my initial position, my hands gripping at the desk behind me for support.
“No”, I said again, gauging his reaction. He was biting his lip as he stared at me. What the fuck is he doing? What is he thinking? What does he want?
“Why the fuck do you have to be with him? No doubt you two fucked when I left.” He sounded...almost bitter.
“Actually, even though it’s none of concern, we didn’t”, I said sternly. There it was- my voice was back. “I slept on the sofa.”
He looked pacified by my response. “What does he have that I don’t?” He suddenly asked me. I looked at him in disbelief, before a smirk played on my lips. Jin had treated me like shit and despite myself I wanted to make him pay.
So after a pause I answered, “Me.”
That didn’t go down well with him. At all. “Well that can be taken care of, babe”, he practically snarled.
I mock yawned. “Jin. I’m sure your temp is waiting for you somewhere- you can ask her to clean your shoes or something, but please, some of us have things to do.”
Boy, I had discovered a new-found talent today- angering Kim Seokjin. Again, he lunged forward, making me jump a little. “You think you’re so funny. I heard the damn students laughing at me as I made my way here, probably because of some smart arse comment you made.”
I smiled as I remembered my words to the class. “ What is there to be jealous of? Although he does have more in depth knowledge of chemistry than your average joe…maybe that’s why she fell for him.”
“You think this is a fucking joke?” Jin hissed in my ear. I stopped smiling immediately and tried to push him away. “No, but you are. You’ve been trying to get me to quit, you embarrassed me in public, you hit Namjoon, and now you’re getting pissed because I’m reacting to it?”
When I jabbed his chest with my finger he grabbed my hand. His gaze was unbelievably intense, but I was getting extremely frustrated at his double standards to care.
“Fuck you Jin”, I hissed, trying to pull my hand away.
He leaned in and whispered, “Please do.” I could feel his smirk against my neck.
I scoffed lightly as he nuzzled my neck. I couldn’t push him as he was holding my hands and I couldn’t kick him as his body was pinned onto mine. So I did what I do best- piss him off with words.
“Wow. First the temp, now me. All within a week? Gotta hand it to ya, I’m im-”
I gasped as he cut me off my gently biting my neck. A familiar feeling stirred in my stomach, and my breath hitched as he slowly licked over the area he had bitten.
No. He wasn’t going to do this. I wasn’t going to give in. I didn’t know what his game was, but I wasn’t playing.
“Let go”, I had repeated these words so many times, yet he always acted like I hadn’t spoke. He let go off my hands and gripped my hips.I put my hands out and rested them on his chest to my body from slamming into his.
“I-i can’t do this. Not with you”, I spluttered. Why was I so fazed my his actions? He was a douche- period.
“I know”, he agreed, but he didn’t let go. One of his hands slowly travelled down to grip my thigh, hard. I bit my lip, and grabbed his hand to stop him. Was he being serious right now?
“No. No no no. Enough”, the words came spilling out of my lips before I could even comprehend them. I was on the verge of tears. He had no right.
“All those years of training, I’d see you with a new girl practically every month”, I muttered at the bitter memory. “Every fucking month Jin. And it killed me.”
I hated to admit this to him, but it was my only chance of getting the hell away from him right now. I couldn't think of anything else. “It killed me to see you with other, prettier girls. And I have someone, and you can’t do this Jin. This isn’t a game.”
He was staring at me as I forced myself to speak. “That day at the restaurant, when you had yet another girl with you, it bought those old feelings back Jin. All those memories I wanted to forget.”
My sadness turned into slight anger. “So please. Do me a favour and stop this. I’m not going to be another name to your list. I-i can’t do this.” My voice was breaking, and I wanted to leave before I started bawling like a damn child.
“I’ve gotta go”, I muttered. If Jin had left a stupid mark on my neck, Namjoon would either kill me or him. Or maybe both. And no matter how dysfunctional our relationship was, I couldn’t stand the thought of him leaving me.
The sensation of Jin’s lips was still on my own as I tried to walk away. But of course the stubborn idiot had to block my path. “You liked me?”
I glanced up, my eyes meeting his. “Yes Jin. Liked. Past tense. But hey, we all move on, right?”
“There’s moving on, then there’s fucking a student as a way to get your own back.”
“Excuse me?” I stepped back and looked at him properly. Enough was enough. “Get the fuck out of my way”, I growled, my eyes darkening in anger. Yes, I knew how to push all of Jin’s buttons- but he sure as hell knew how to push mine too.
“You’re fucking Namjoon because you couldn’t have me?” He laughed. He had taken my words and thrown them completely out of proportion.
“Namjoon’s a better man than you will ever be. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking he’s your replacement.” His eyes narrowed at that comment.
“Is that so? You would pick a delinquent fuckboy over me? OK, OK. I’m not one to judge your life choices y/n. But I wonder how said fuckboy would react if he found out you liked me until you met him?”
He put his hands up in surrender and smirked. I wanted to slap him so bad. Instead I shoved at his chest, making him stumble. “See you later babe.” He called.
I ignored him as I stormed off. Son of a bitch.
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Holy shyt that was HOT(〃・・〃)Yes Jin make her beg!(ц`ω´ц*) Damn...I was all for Namjoon but then Jin gets all pervy in a hot as fuck way...I'm so confused!(*゚ロ゚)?
What a fuck Boy jin is . .damn
I hate Jin and I love Jin...but...I'm so confused right now! Like, I know he legitimately likes her (or at least I want to believe that), but then you make me want to punch him in the for the mc...goodness, can't you just hear him out for once 😭 They're both being difficult 😥
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