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I would like to welcome a new vingler to the family. Her name is Anna, she is a sweet and fun little girl who is into Kpop in general. She is amazing and super fun. She doesn't know how to Teenager aka social media. Please welcome her to the family and help her out how to write story and everything. She is 16 years old. Her username is @Fangirl.
@AbbYRamey @Fangirl I forgot everyone else username. I am very sorry!!
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Omg my fav kpop group shinee and my bea the one and only lee taemin
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omggg I love the locker! 😍 seriously wish to be able to do my.. any.. locker 😢 we aren't allowed to have lockers sadly so I can't do much
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locker is bae I never use my locker ;-; there isn't time and I forgot the combination again
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