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Derived from Eiichiro ODA Sensei's one hit wonder Romance Dawn!! It spawned into the #1 selling manga in the world with over 320 million copies out in the world!! Simply incredible since second is Dragon Ball/DBZ with 220 million and 3rd is Naruto with around 210 million copies!! One Piece manga is simply funny/ action packed and a manga to seriously live up to!! I am still currently reading the manga as well as te SJW serializations and can never get enough!! Who can't forget the constant ongoing amazing storyline!! I love reading it whether on work breaks/ home, before bed, chilling In hot tub or anywhere!! Esp while LongBoarding and taking a break in the grass or on a bench in the sun!! One Piece is Love!! Manga 4 ever!! Happy Bday LUFFY!! KING OF PIRATES!! What do you think about the OP manga NAKAMA???
@LuffyNewman wow that is amazing
@DevilsSon but the anime almost completely follows the manga, but when u realize that a manga is that great why stray from it I mean OP has like pretty much no fillers bc it's a story of a pirate crew and adventures so it's always an important episode even if it's just a few add ins for fun but still fit the story line Spoiler if your not on the new world arc yet❗️❗️❗️ . Like when the girl who could shrink or become a giant bc her devil fruit power when they first reached new world but it ends where her dad a giant gets freed and then cooks for Luffy, it fits bc Luffy's love for food haha!!
@DevilsSon there are a few, like I believe the tribute card I posted that Op featured the hidden leaf logo as tribute to naruto ending in 2014 like how the last naruto masashi had the Jolly Roger from OP painted on Narutos seventh holage stone face they both paid each other's respects for being not only awesome but the #2 current mangas as well as the top and 3rd top selling mangas of all time!! Actually crazy that OP has been the #1 selling manga worldwide for over 6 years strait now and only releases 3-4 manga books a year!! Awesomeness I hope it stays that way forever. Also read that the #1 selling comic of a hero or group of hero's of all time is One Piece manga even over superman and all US comics since as of 2014 it got the word record for having like 300+ million copies of manga in circulation!! And it's only been around for 19 years compared to the 20-30-50+ years for most American comics!! OP truly is Love!!
I haven't read the mangas arnt their scenes that dont appear in the episodes