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This isn't kpop but like i gave to put in a community for it to let me publih it sorry. Well this is not really a adventure but I'll just include this anyway. So I was in 2nd period, Social Studies. We were about to take a test, we suddenly had an announcement from the administration. We were to go on a hard lockdown; bring in all students from the hallway and lock the doors. The teacher pulled in a student that was in the hall. There was later yelling and crashes coming from the hall. We all rushed to the side of the room where in someone was to look through the window they wouldn't be able to see us. My teacher turned off the lights and we silently waited. One of my classmates started crying. One of my friend kept holding an arm infront of me. He said if someone came in he would go against them first because he knew martial arts. There was yelling and crashes for 20 minutes. In the end there was broken glass from the window. There are many different stories of to what happened tho. 1st story (from one of my friends ): "It was a Special ED kid that got mad so they hit a teacher in the face with a metal thing and made the teacher get a bloody nose. Then the AP was trying to calm them down.2nd story (from another friend): "The reason we had a hard lockdown was because a kid in our grade brought a knife to school" 3rd story (what I heard): I heard that the kid got mad and broke a table leg off and started going all crazy. Then he threw the chair at the window. And went down the hallways going batshit crazy swinging around a table leg or a chair. {UPDATE} 4th story (another friend): A Guy got his phone taken away so he got pissed and went all rodeo. He got a metal thing and went around hitting things. A teacher took away kids phone --> Kid gets pissed --> Kid gets phone back by force--> Kid gets really pissed-->Kid gets a metal pole from table or desk --> He goes around swinging it eventually to the academy and hits the glass window. 5th story: "Some kid brought a fucking knife to school and then started swinging a pole around" What do you think happened? ❓❔
whoa 😯😐😮 all 5 stories sound crazy extreme hopefully no one is badly hurt though
@CreeTheOtaku Thanks luckily no on was hurt in my knowledge
goodness! I hope you're okay including all of the teachers
@JackieG1617 ikr no was hurt tho the is also a rumor that the kid had really extreme anger issues