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The Frank Vogel era in Indiana comes to an end.
Earlier this week, Team president Larry Bird announced that the team would not pick up the option or offer a contract extension to Frank Vogel.
Was that the right move?
I'm going to say no.
Over the past two seasons, the Pacers have lost a lot of key players. In regards to big free agent signings, the best player they have grabbed during his tenure is Monta Ellis.
The Pacers have drafted well, but give Vogel credit for developing Paul George into a superstar. Myles Turner also looks like he will be a very good NBA player. Bird wanted to play a faster pace and Vogel installed an offense to do that. People also say he has a great relationship with the players, so why let this guy go?

Did the Pacers make the right move by letting Frank Vogel go?

I agree with two comments above
Yeah I liked the way he changed the team....would've liked to see him coach the team one more year
I think Larry Bird was too harsh on him. Should've give him more chance.