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This image literally spoke to me early this morning and there was no way I was not going to share. We have to stop picking and choosing what is deemed beautiful. All bodies are beautiful. Embrace yours. Now let's talk.

What does the above image say to you in one word?

Life *sighs*
as someone who used to be heavy set growing up I can personally say no not every body is beautiful. Being 200, 100, or even 50 pounds overweight us not beautiful nor is it healthy. Is losing weight hard? Yes its very difficult, but nothing in life worth any value ever is. No offense to anyone here but Im just so tired of people trying to saying we need to stop "fat shaming" because in my opinion pushing people to lose that weight and become healthier is more beautiful then telling someone that there perfect the way they are and that they dont need to change. If anything that makes things worse for that individual. Not only will they keeping living their unhealthy lifestyle but its just not attractive.
it is a nice pin but it says to me that there is unfortunately still no media attention/awereness of the size 0/00 girls who cannot help but be that size regardless of attempts to gain weight&have body issues as they battle a silent & exhaustive struggle not to be a pile of bones . there is always another side to the coin...
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