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This image literally spoke to me early this morning and there was no way I was not going to share. We have to stop picking and choosing what is deemed beautiful. All bodies are beautiful. Embrace yours. Now let's talk.

What does the above image say to you in one word?

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@jordanhanilton they are really insightful points☺im aware that my view does stem from a bias as i am 5ft2 and fight daily to maintain my 41kg weight! I've lived in over 10 countries(from arab to Asian to european), visited over 30 and I've yet to find a culture where protrudung ribs, vertebrate visible spine, hip bones with no fat(so it is not comfortable to lie on your side), and hollowed out cheek bones attractive. currently in switzerland I do not see social media advocating these features (and for good reason) however not advocation but an awareness of the people at this end of the spectrum would be appreciated by the many who silently struggle daily to just be an acceptable size. not alot of people realise just how hard that struggle is and if that body image was more accepted also then people like myself could stop trying so hard as it really is exhausting x
5ft4 I meant
@jordanhanilton and as a final point I agree with your conclusion about equality. however consider the fact that the 3rd body type I mentioned didn't even get a look in.this further illustrates my point that it is greatly overlooked
I definitely see where you're coming from, but I feel like that body type is often left out because it's not spoken of much or we don't see it depicted as much in the media as we do the other two. While I do agree, that deserves recognition as well -- the only way people will start focusing on it more is if others speak up about it first. as you have done here @gillyhh
truly beautifully said @jordanhanilton