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It's Thursday and while this is the day most people share throwbacks, I'm going to share to share a few fashion truths about myself that you may or may not know about me. To make this interesting, let's keep the truth's going.
You can either make your own card or you can leave a few truths in the comment section. Help us learn something about you and your love for fashion. With that being said, keep scrolling and check out my fashion truths below.

Truth #1: If I could go back to any decade solely for the fashion, I would definitely choose the '70s.

Truth #2: I'm obsessed with destroyed denim and boyfriend jeans.

Truth #3: I could wear denim or neutral shades every single day of the week.

Truth #4: Although I love the idea of dressing up, I enjoy a good pair of sweats and slippers every now and then too.

Truth #5: I want to invest in a slip dress this summer and pair it with a leather jacket and all black booties.

Truth #6: I love wearing pointed toe ankle boots year round.

Join in on the challenge!

Create a card or leave a few truths below.
Cool idea! I'll probably work on my card tomorrow when I get a chance. :)
yesss! can't wait! :) @cindystran