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blood C. It has a great intro song the show is fucking awesome and brutal it's a must see. I think the rabbits are the worst ones in the whole show.
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@hermoineNH1 honestly I thought the bunny blender was funny or the one where he has them skewered in his fingers. call me sick or twisted but I honestly think that's not as bad as experimenting on another being, that's fucked up. by the way have you seen Elfen Lied? if you haven't you should.
@LesterRodriguez it's on my list, I know it has a lot of blood and gore, and I don't mind that.. but this one just got to me, don't exactly know why but it just really did..
@hermoineNH1 I understand I'm not going to lie it's brutal but it's good just like Elfen Lied but in comparison blood C is worse.
@LesterRodriguez oh it is. Of course the craziness is why i love it so!!
Blood c was one of the first anime I ever saw and I have to say, the rabbit was my favorite.