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today has been an absolutely awful day for me.....as many of you know yesterday was may 4 or to star wars lovers....."May the 4th be with you"....well someone extremely extremely important to me loved star wars more than life itself and I'm missing him soo much right now I've been a damn wreck all day .. and idk what to do with my self and next month marks 2 years without him and I'm probably not gonna be able to handle life...I'm trying to stay positive for kcon and meeting my sister from another mister. but it's soo hard right now , not a second goes by that I don't think of him ....I love all of you guys and would appreciate any type of spam ...from monstaX and taemin to exo , aomg madtown and BigBang any and all of my loves would be okay maybe even mailing loco to me because he needs to 감아 me right now
ps. I'm as emotional as a boulder that just crushed a village but when it comes to this guy right here....this man helped me through so much and during a really shitty time in my life and it.......it just Hurts more than you could ever imagine
*Big hug* πŸ’™
@phxcur93 πŸ’•
Awww wish I could just give you a big hug and tell you it will be alright
@JamiMilsap πŸ’™πŸ’™