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Part 6: - * - * - * Crap! I woke up late, I have to meet Yoongi in 30 minutes. Seriously, why didnt my alarm go off?? I jumped out of bed throwing on a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket. I grabbed my phone to text Yoongi letting him know that I might be late as i brushed my hair, no time to do anything else. I slipped on my combat boots checking my phone. Damn it, its already 10:50. "And I'm already running late." I dashed out the house running towards the convenience store we planned to meet at. _ * _ * _ * I made my way inside the store breathless looking for Yoongi. He was no where to be seen. Great, I bet he slept in. I checked my phone to see if he texted me back. Of course he didn't. Luckily i knew where his house was so I could chew him out. Here i was all worried he had been witing for ever since it was 11:35 when I got here and he hadnt even woken up yet. -_- I exited the store heading to his house. _ * _ * _ * I was a few feet away from his house when someone grabbed me from behind. Alarms went through my head as I did the only thing i could think of at the time. Elbowing the person in the gut i turned around giving them a roundhouse kick to the head hearing a grunt as i turned a round to see who it was. "Listen sweetie, he just wanted some fun, you're fine with that aren't you?" I turned my head around to see another man behind me. I turned my head slightly so i could see the first one still on the ground. Once I determined he wasn't moving anytime soon I turned back to the one in front of me. "Actually I do." I replied with a sarcastic smile. "As you can see," I jabbed my thumb behnd me towards his little friend on the ground. "I'm not in the mood right now, or ever. So you should leave before the same thing happens to you." "Now hold on." he reached into his pocket pulling out a knife. Of course he had a damn knife, isn't that what every lowlife has when they want to bother someone. "I dont think you should be the one making threats here." he said point the knife at me. "Ha!" i laughed making his face contort into a confused one. "You think I haven't dealt with your kind?" I crossed my arms a sick smile forming. "Guess what, your little 'leader'," i put up air quotes to get my point across, "stopped bothering me after i bashed his head in. You want that to happen to you?" Its true, I've dealt with a lot of thugs and he is far off from the worst, most carry guns. I can handle a small knife. "Look who's cocky." Someone called a few feet behind me making me turn around.... Yoongi. He looked like he rushed out his door with his hair sticking up in every direction imaginable which was kind of funny. He was wearing a black tee, black ripped jeans, with black Jordans. "I wouldn't doubt her though, she hit me with a glass bottle the first time we met. You should take your friend and go." he said walking to my side. "I dont need your help." i mumbled so only he could hear not even bothering to look back at him as i focused on the man in front of us. Why did he come now. Like he couldnt bother to get up in time to meet like a we had planned but he could magically come to 'save the day' when he wasn't needed. But apparently that was enough for the man to leave dragging his friend with him. How cliché is this whole experience? "So.... you ready to go?" I turned to look at him. He had his head down but i could still see a little blush. "That reminds me...." I moved in front of him. My movement making him look up to face me, his eyes were focused to see what i was going to say. "I WAS WORRIED YOU WERE WAITING FOR FOREVER. I MEAN I RAN ALL THE WAY THERE JUST TO FIND OUT YOU PROBABLY HADN'T EVEN WOKEN UP YET! NOT ONLY THAT, I HAD TEXTED YOU ONLY FOR YOU NOT TO REPLY. I WALKED ALL THE WAY HERE JUST FOR TO COME OUT AFTER JUST WAKING UP-" "Y-" he attempted to cut me off. "NO! LISTEN TO ME!" he just shook his head yes. i sighed looking at my phone before continuing. "It is now almost 12.... well guess we better stop wasting time and find something to do." I calmed down a bit and was able to muster a small smile. My sudden change surprised him. "O-okay." he eyed me cautiously. "But before we do, could you promise me to being so quick to yell at me? It hurts my ears." he pouted. A laugh escaped my lips. "I can try. You know what you wanna do?" "Let's watch a movie!" "Sure!" I giggled grabbing his hand making him run all the way to the theater which was actually a long while away. _ * _ * _ * The movie was ended around 4 so we decided to take a walk in the park. "Yah, Y/N?" Yoongi said breaking the silence as we sat on a bench. "Yes?" "Do you still of think of me as a friend?" "Hmmm.... no." His eyes light up but he kept a pokerface waiting for me to continue. "You're a like a teddy bear now." I started laughing so hard gasping for breath. "Yah! Take this seriously!" he said in a whiny tone. "Fine, no, you're not just a friend. You're important to me, but i wouldn't call it love beause I've never felt it before. Because of this i don't want to mislable our relationship, okay? So give me a little bit to find out what it is before you go asking me out." He smiled at my sincerity. I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous he looked right now. Stop it Y/N. "Of course, I'll wait however long it takes!" I could feel myself blush so i looked down trying to avoid him from seeing. "Aww! I made you blush! I still think you like me whether you know it or not!" "Aish, shut up." "You should be nicer to me before I fall for someone else. " he teased making me look up at him and grab his face on instict kissing his cheek. "You can't until I decide if I love you or not!" Crap, what did i just say... We both started blushing and looked away from each other a long silence between us. He spoke up first. "I wouldn't dream of loving someone besides you...." He barely whispered but i was able to hear. "I-I'll see ya t-tomorrow?" he started standing up reaching out his hand to help me up. "U-uh, s-sure." i accepted his help. "But your picking me up this time, i dont want have to walk for forever to find you again." we both laughed as if nothing happened a few minutes ago. But it was still on both of our minds as he walked me home. "Bye, Y/N!" he said walking away. "Bye, Yoongi!" I waved entering my house. The lights were off meaning I was home alone again, as always. I sighed getting ready for a shower, my earlier actions replaying in my head. "What have you gotten yourself into, Y/N?" I whispered to myself. And i agreed to meet him tomorrow, oh God. _ * _ * _ *
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