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so anyone who doesn't know, Lee Donghae is a precious little fishy! He is a dancer and sub vocalist in Super Junior, and he is currently my love <3
anyone can look at him and see how unbelievably gorgeous he is! ugh.....I've always loved him but I started watching a drama he's in called "Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog" He is such a good actor!!!!! My fishy is so talented. So I decided to just make a post all about my Donghae :)
always funny
love donghae forever :))
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@mrsjeon gurl yes. suju was my first kpop group. eunhyuk is my ultimate bias but good golly donghae is right there #eunhae4life @mrsjeon I love him he's so fluffy and cute
@AubriePope YAS EUNHAE4LIFE MAN XD n he is like omf that fishy lmfao bro have u seen that one show where he's hunted
@mrsjeon no! what is it?
@AubriePope Mystery 6 (I hope that's the name bc it's been awhile ) IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME
@mrsjeon I might have to look that up