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In an interview one member of Monsta X said he would like to go nude for a spread while he is young! (please be warned images might not be suitable for underage etc) wait can you guess ?
This is the culprit lol the one that will make us wait for such a spread, he explain he would like to do this because he feels his body is nice now and later on in life would not look so good naked. He wants to take advantage of his youth. Yes... I... I agree And this is where he got the idea from and what he would like it to be like
Shinhwa 2001 now, guys I hardly know about shinhwa but I know they are legendary, around the time they did this shoot they were super hot on the radio/screen so can you imagine as a fan seeing this? like some of us can't even handle a wink lol
how does my sweet baby minhyuk even know about this? he is the most innocent one! and why would he tell fans this at such delicate times? thanks a lot!
However! I approve of this message!! please do the spread this year while Im young as well so I won't have heart attack lol
*impatiently waits* Whenever you're ready Monsta x....
ahahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
.....I'm down for it.... I'll even pay for the damn music video if I have too. THIS MUST HAPPEN
Lmao, this is golden. this is why I love hyuk
I chocked on my rice noodles when I saw this!!!! I was a coughing mess!
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