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One Piece Giveaway coming soon!! Sorry it's a few days late NAKAMA but this month will be celebrating not only Ani-May but also the going Merry may month!! Stay on alert for in a week or 2 the mod crew will be doing a fun giveaway {OPG} is what it'll be listed under and I will be giving the 1st place winner prizes!! 1st will get a 3n1 volume manga of the first 3 volumes of OP as well as a figurine of Luffy or a wall scroll!! I am currently working with the OP mod crew and the moderator of Manga to get this set up and will post the dates of the {OPG} and the rules as well!! So keep up and join the One Piece community!! This will be the first OP giveaway but def not the last while I stay moderator and help the OP community!! @devilsson @chrisstephens @nathanielmoanan One Piece is Love!!
3n1 OP manga!! First 3 volumes!!!
Awesome OP wall scroll!!
@LuffyNewman thanks xD
@nimm14 I will be posting about it in the soon future!! If you wanna follow my One Piece is love!! Or anime lovers unite collection it will be clipped under those but I will also be posting {OPG} as well for when it starts!!
so how do we get involved with this?