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*Warning* this fanfic provides sexual scenes and profanity. Would not advise for young readers unless your willing to read it Enjoy reading~ From your author Jarvia
Chapter 1 ************* ~2030~ "I'm here at a crime scene to what it appears to be a vampire victim. The investigators are not sure what the detials of this crime scene. We will find out before your 10 o' clock news. Thank you, now back to you." Five years ago, us humans didn't know that the supernatural existed. We thought we lived in a some-what peaceful world but it all came down when the year 2025 had its first vampire murder case. Vampire Song Jaehyuk announced to the world that he was a vampire and that they live among us humans. That is when the government decided to segregate us humans and the supernatural being. But it still doesn't stop from getting attack in your home. I was walking though the city night lights with people headed home from work or school. I was swinging my house key around my finger as I entered the park. I greeted people as I made my way to my usual spot of star gazing. I laid down on the soft green grass and looked at the stars. As I was busy looking at the night stars, I didn't know that if was past the curfew of humans until I heard the sirens going off. I shot up and started to run for my house but as I got out of the park entrance I stopped in my tracks when I saw a vampire feeding on a human who was stupid like I was and stayed out to late. I gasped and stepped back. The vampire heard me and dropped the body he was feeding off of. He faced me and started moving towards me. His red eyes scaned over my body as he whipped off the blood that was running off of his chin. "What's wrong gorgeous? You scared?" he asked. My back was against the iron gate as he closed the gap between us. He moved my long black hair to the side and sniffed my neck. "You smell delicious" he said as I tensed up. I shut my eyes tight and turned my head. My heart was beating faster as my body was shaking. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. "I think you had enough for one night." a voice said behind the guy who was trying to feed off of me. He turned around "You may have but I haven't. Now move along so I can have my dessert." Looking over the guy shoulder, I saw six guys with chokers around their necks and red eyes. The dark skin guy stepped up. "Let the girl go" he said with venom through his words. They both had a stare down until my attacker stepped back and bow. "Very well then, I see that I am not welcome to have her. Please enjoy." he said as he left in a light of speed. I held onto the bar of the iron gate as all six pairs of red eyes stares at me. "Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want me to do" i plead. I was hoping that they would save me from death but I had a feeling that I had just meet death myself. "Oh dear one, hasn't anyone ever told you to be careful of what you wish for" the dark skin guy said. He was right, I was always told to be careful of what I say or what I wish for. My legs collapse under me as I fell to the ground. I was shaking as my mind went into million thoughts. He kneeled down to my level and tucked a finger under my chin. I looked into his red eyes and saw a smirk that played on his lips. "Don't worry little one we don't bite"
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