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Random Manga (made by me)
As you may know, I don't have a life. Soooo with all the time in my hands I have decided to make my own manga (well if you want call it like that) and share it with you fellows. not flawless, and it is not the final draft. enjoy (I hope)
Mikazuki (the girl) : Well, well, well, what do we have here? The one and only, humanity's strongest soldier, Captain Levi!! Levi: Are you drunk, brat? Mikazuki: Do you how f*** sexy that sounds? Mikazuki: ahhh "Humanity's STRONGEST soldier" Mikazuki:Anyways....... Can you believe I found bottles of liquor? Levi: I am not interested. Mikazuki:(not listening) I was ready to go to bed with my SUPER cute brand new pajamas, when I stepped on a loss piece of wood on the floor. I hit my little pretty but when I looked down, TONS of bottles. At first I was like 'oh my gosh, I needed a drink' I thought it was juice. Then I took a sip and I was like, nope this is not juice, fainted aaaaand here we are. Levi: You got to be kidding me! She IS drunk! Mikazuki: But........ WUSHHHH Mikazuki: I didn't just come here to tell you how I ended up like this......
Eren:*Gasp* I KNOW! IT'S LAME! BUT WHO CARES! I didn't try really, in some parts yes, but I am proud of my work, from 2 months ago to now, I have improved. And it is WAYYYY better in person.
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