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I've been eyeing the slip dress trend since last year. While you're probably thinking to yourself, 'that's totally tacky -- it looks like a night gown'. Let me be the first to say, don't knock it until you try it. While slips are essentially sheer pieces you wear underneath a dress, the trend has taken the streets by storm over the past year after resurfacing from the '90s.
You can easily make this look work by adding a leather or denim jacket and some booties or heels. The great thing is that it's officially warm enough to bite the bullet and take this trend to the next level. If you're feeling this trend or considering feeling it, keep scrolling to check out the video on how to wear a slip dress below presented by YouTuber, Chriselle Lim.

Would you give this trend a try this spring?

me too! she's one of my fave youtubers @MyAffairWith
Oh I love Chriselle Lim's videos!!! I'll definitely check the video out.
Yes but probably not outside the house because the culture in the country I am currently residing will find it too revealing.
I can totally understand that @cindystran
GREAT!!! @petname83
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