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Late night cravings, aka Netflix and snuggling to your daily dose of the latest episode of your favorite show. And by snuggling, you meant, snuggling a bowl of last-minute cooked dinner while you surrounding yourself in comfort. Usually, you were alone in your apartment just doing your daily, but tonight, Jay had asked to hang out with you, even after dinner. Grabbing dinner with him was normal, almost every other day you guys got dinner.
“I’ll be doing the same thing I usually do,” was your response to him asking to hang out afterwards.
He laughed, “that’s fine. I just wanna chill with you.”
It was a little surprising since that had been the first time he suddenly asked that but oh well. He knew what was coming.
You got comfortable in your own home, showering while he searched through your netflix. When you came out, in rather revealing clothes because it was summer, you just had a hot shower and you were also running out of some pajamas, you noticed him watching a movie without you.
“Whatcha watching? On my netflix?”
“I don’t know it was on your recommended list. Plus I want to see what kind of films you’re into.”
“And you didn’t even wait for me?”
“Hey, you said to make myself comfortable,” he patted the seat next to him, “so come here and join me.”
You made a smirk and looked at him like he was a doofus, which he was at some times. And sometime into the movie, you naturally laid on him, which he didn’t notice til halfway into the movie. Then, your arm laid against his abdomen and he spoke up the moment you pulled that on him, “oh are you trying to cuddle now?”
You were good enough friends with him to not really care. The both of you got comfortable with each other, really comfortable actually. There was a scene in the movie where it made the both of you laugh, you simultaneously looked at each other and a moment of silence was made. It was strange, but it was just all in the moment. The both of you leaned forward and your lips made contact with each other, a soft, sweet texture that soon fell deeper as time progressed and your mind was frozen, frozen with pleasure of course. As his lips flew off of yours, his gaze was so different than you had ever seen on a man.
“What was that for?” you asked out of concern.
“I.. I don’t know I just felt like I had to do it.”
By the time you were able to let your heart cooperate, the movie had ended and you threw your hands all over him. Not wasting a second where you weren’t kissing him, where he wasn’t caressing the just-out-of-the-shower softness that your skin was. You could feel the heat in your chest start to boil and that gave you a reason to not stop at all. Before you could realize, you had already been pinned down against the couch with one of his hands while his other brushed against your sides.
“Do you.. do you want to do this ______?”
You breathed out, “yes Jay. Please.. please fuck me.”
He pushed his lips against yours as he started to strip himself and you. You rest your hands against his well-shaped upper body, his pecs and his abs in all its glory. His fingers slipped towards your bottoms and pulled them oh so slow, you were growing impatient with your lower region already beginning to crave for his touch. And as soon as he laid on finger on your clitoris, you gasped, practically losing all focus because the moment it happened, you had lost your mind. He rubbed it so gently and you bit your lip at him, trying to stop yourself from moaning too loud. But see, that was what he was going for. So he pressed onto it a little harder, rubbing it a little faster. You were getting so wet, dripping wet, leaking with pleasure. And he was well aware of it too.
“Oh fuck. I want you so bad.”
“I don’t think you’re ready for me,” he smirked.
“And why is that?” you copied his expression.
Then he slipped in a little surprise down under. Just one finger into you, pushing your buttons. He fingered you so well, you were already getting heated from such sensuality. Another finger in and you were gasping and moaning all out of control. But when he pulled out, you whined in disappointment.
“Oh don’t worry. I got some more for you.”
A change in the course happened, you decided to sit up, push him down and get on top. He liked this side of you and decided to squeeze your asscheeks hard, getting you to moan loud again.
“Bring that ass over here.”
He held you by the thighs and you scooted your way over to him. When you had your body over his face, he grabbed you by the hips and asked you to grind against his lips with yours. You sat on his face and he licked you so smoothly with that talented tongue of his. He rapped, sang and made you feel so fucking good with it. But that was just the start. You couldn’t stay silent. He licked every dripping drop of juice you couldn’t help but give.
“I need to fuck you Jay.”
“Are you sure you’re ready for it?”
You scoffed lightly, “are you?”
You took yourself off of his face and scooted back to the edge of the couch, then ripped his pants and underwear off of him. There it all was, you and him, fully naked. He was lying there, fully erect and ready to enter you. But instead, you decided to be the one here doing the work. You sat on his member, slowly sinking your body down onto it and letting out a small moan when he reached your good spot. He too felt how warm and desperate you were. You started off slow, rocking your hips against his fine ass self. He grabbed your breasts, squeezing them gently over and over again, enhancing the pleasure that rumbled down under. Faster and faster you rode him. Hotter and hotter were your bodies. He was breathing hard, trying to stop himself from busting out a moan but that was your goal. You kept hitting this one spot that had you going mad and had him wanting to fuck you hard. He started to thrust in sync with yours, building the pleasure up so much quicker and everything was so much better. The sex, the pleasure, the sensation, all leading up to your lightheaded body fucking Jay so much harder. Your voices, sexier. Your moans, louder. And your satisfaction? Way higher than you ever thought you could have with sex. He had taken you on a sex trip and you were in no way wanting to go home. Except for home base that is.
So much was happening, so much was being felt.
But the climax was coming and your hormones were heated with the friction of grinding against each other. You were panting harder and so was he. You wanted to reach your finish; you desperately rode him harder, hitting that one spot that blew your mind.
“Fuck I’m so close.”
He was the same, sooner or later he would have to finish and you were going to be the one there to help him with it.
There was this warmth in your vagina, a familiar feeling that let you know that you were about to feel the greatest sensation you could sexually.
He came before you did, but you were not too far from doing the same. You helped him ride out his high with your talented self, fucking him so well that he had lost his breath. He moaned so loudly, but it was an amazing melody in your ears. Something so sexy had you going nuts and increased your need to finish. You fucked him until you finally orgasmed, warmth bursting from between your thighs as you gasp and moaned his name. It was so glorious, the way he felt inside of you to the finality where you had lost your breath and lost all coordination, slipping yourself off and laying next to him in complete exhaustion.
“Holy shit,” he breathed.
“And you said that I wouldn’t be able to take it.”
He laughed lightly and turned his head, kissing you with a peck on the nose.
“So.. is it okay if I sleep over?” he snuck in with a whisper.
You chuckled at him, “sure, but.. that means we can go round 2 later right?”
He laughed with confidence, “are you sure you’re not too tired?”
“Are you saying that you’re going to have me be on top again?”
“Maybe. Maybe we’ll see and maybe we won’t.”
“Oh I’m sure we will. Or at least. It’s going to be hard for you to resist.”
You suddenly surprised him as you reached down and traced your fingers on his inner thighs, teasing his member for the second time tonight.
“Are you trying to go right now?” he asked.
“I don’t know. I think I’m just going to enjoy teasing you.”
You rubbed his member, gently caressing it, waiting for it to harden again.
“Oh, so it’s going to be like that then?”
He crawled on top of you, and began to roughly kiss you, kiss all over your sweat-covered body.
And that’s when you realized, the sex trip had yet to end.
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I somehow always end up reading these before I go to bed.
why did I have to read this right before I fell asleep? guess I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight. XD
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