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hey guys I wanted to show you some of the merchandise from Fly concert... a lot of it was sold out so I should have gone the day before and even if I was early on saturday I still did not get some things I wanted....
I think the passport kits were my favorite thing! they are so cute and even had a stamp and visa empty pages to fill out, as well as pictures of jackson.
these jackson magnets with webtoon is super adorable! I also wanted to get Jackson usb but it was already sold out! I will make a card later on full merc on other members ( mostly JB and Mark) and the concert it self! =)
Thank u and do u know what else they sold their?
And how much were the light sticks?
Can u please tell me how much did they cost because theirs like 3 I need to buy馃槀
@JaxomB they are all cute, all passports have red white and blue themed clothing and some kits are blue other red, I liked Jackson and Mark the best =)
Ohhh....I wanna passport kit (but of a different member)
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