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I can't decide.

I want to adopt a Korean name (for fun ofc; thx K-pop) but I'm having trouble deciding :/ When I took a Mandarin class in high school, my teacher gave us Chinese names. I was called "Mei Hua " (美华) and from what I recall, it means "beautiful flower" (correct me if I'm wrong, though!!) Google Translate says it's Korean for plum, but idk. Also, it sounds a little odd to me when I call my name out (mae-hwa-yah?) I also looked up Korean name generators and, of all of them, I liked this name the best. This also means plum (right?) To me, Yong-ri-yah sounds better when called out. However, I still can't decide the better of the 2.

Which sounds better?

Do you have a given name/nickname for another language/culture??

I have 2 so far (: EDIT: I'm adopting "Yong Ri" & keeping Mei Hua as my Chinese name only ^^ Thanks for all the opinions!~ ♡ BONUS: If you haven't seen this before, here's a generator that's been sitting in my phone storage for a while~


Yoon seo jin here ;)
Nam Mi Hae but my friend gave me was Kim Haru (translates to Golden Day <3)
Nam Hwa Yeon
Nam Shi Ah~
Mae Hwa and mine is Lee Do Rin
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