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Genre: Fanfiction BTS kpop romance Word Count: 1,584 (Yeah, I know, it's short again)
Β  I kept looking from Jungkook and Jimin, wishing for either one of them to speak up and give me answers. The situation at hand is making me really confused and my head started to hurt. I began rubbing both of my temples, grunting inwardly before ignoring the pain. "Are you alright Hatai? You don't look too good." A voice suddenly said. I began looking at them both, wondering who talked. "Hatai? Are you alright?" Jungkook had asked, reaching out, grabbing both of my shoulders and shaking me. "Uh, yeah. Of course. I'm perfectly fine. But do you both mind telling me what's going on?" I said emphasizing both of them, indicating I wanted both sides of the story. Jimin and Jungkook began twiddling their thumbs, looking down. "Well? Spit it out!" I began to get impatient. I needed answers. I wanted answers. They both looked up, surprised at my outburst. I can be worse, don't provoke me. I laughed inwardly, keeping on a straight face so they wouldn't think I'm any weirder than I already am. I sighed, "Jungkook, you tell me your side first and then Jimin you can tell me your side after. Deal? Got it." I put up a thumbs up, indicating for Jungkook to start. "Well, Hatai. It began when Jimin hyung told everybody he was going out with you. We all started questioning him, asking him questions like 'How?' and 'Why?' Simple questions really." Jungkook began to tell me, and I could tell Jimin was ready to tell his side but I sent him a glare, then back to my normal face, looking at Jungkook. "But then our manager came into the room saying that Jimin hyung and the others needed to go do some errands, and that I should meet up with you instead-" Jimin cut him off. "That is not true! You spilled some weird paint in my hair and I had to take a really long shower, scrubbing my scalp forever! You can even see! Look!" He bent down to my level, part his brown hair at certain places and you could definitely see some blue pieces of paint stuck. "And I was going to tell you to meet later but my phone died. I had told Jungkookie to text you on his phone that I would be late but I guess he decided to come here in person." He put his hands on his hips, okay, the sass is real. Work it! And gave a look that could kill the boy to his left. Jungkook laughed nervously before darting his eyes at me and rolling them. "I did it so you weren't alone." I just nodded my head before getting up and dusting off my pants. "W-w-where are you going?" Jimin asked, a nervous tone evident in his voice. "I'm not going anywhere, just getting a drink of water. Calm down." I said motioning to the counter and rolling my eyes a little, hoping he wouldn't catch it. Calm down boy. Can't I just get a glass of water? Gosh. They both nodded their head before Jimin sat across from Jungkook, where I previously sat. Walking to the counter I began to get lots of stares and I heard people saying things like 'Why is she with two guys?' or 'Are they all just friends?' Seriously people. Mind your own business. Suddenly my phone began to ring, and I instantly knew it was Anong. "Hey! What's up?" I asked paying for my water and walking back to our table, sitting next to Jimin. At this point I didn't care who I was next to, I just needed to sit. "Can you come home? I made dinner and I don't want it to get cold." I nodded my head even though she can't see and immediately said "Yeah, okay. Can I bring Jiminie and Jungkookie? They must be hungry." Forgetting that the boys were next to me, blood began to flood my cheeks. I ignored their smirks and waited for Anong's answer, brushing my fingers through my hair. "Yeah, of course! I will see ya later! Bye! I love you!" I laughed at her doing her cute voice, failing. The boys stared at me, and I mouthed Anong to them, answering their questioning looks. "Yay! Thank you! Haha, I love you too! Bye!" I quickly hung up, before getting up and motioned my hand for them to follow me. "You guys are hungry right?" They both smiled really big, rubbing and patting their tummies. Got it. "Well dinner's on me and Anong." They squealed with joy and gave me a whole bunch of thank you's. As we were walking we heard lots of random noises but nonetheless it was calm and the streets were busy. The sun began to set and the clouds were painted pinks, blues, and purples. Wow. So pretty. I smiled, glad I chose to come here. Living here is going to be amazing! I silently fangirled to myself about the scenery, while telling jokes and laughing about nothing with the boys. Upon arriving at mine and Anong's the boys mouths were left agape. "Wow. Is this really your house? Who bought it for you? This looks really expensive!" I chuckled a bit at their questions before stopping to unlock the front door. "Yes this really is my house. I bought it myself, actually. And let's just say that the house was enough to make Anong eonni buy the food." I giggled at my own answer, swinging the door open, putting on my slippers while giving the boys a pair to wear. I led them to the kitchen where Anong was and ran up behind her to hug her. She screamed in surprise before staring at the boys, blushing. "Anong~ Where's dinner?" I asked, doing my best pouty face. There better be a lot! She pat the top of my head before saying hi to the boys. "Hello Jeon Jungkook-ssi and Park Jimin-ssi! Welcome! Come, have a seat!" Anong led all of us to the dining room where food was spread all over the table. By this point I was practically a drooling mess. I sat down in the seat across from Jungkook and Anong across from Jimin. Too bad she doesn't like him. They would make a cute couple. Wait. What am I saying? Get your head in the game Hatai! Concentrate on the food. I took a deep breath, earning a look from everybody. I gave a little smile before waiting for everybody to eat before me. In Korea, if you are eating with a group of people, you can't eat until the eldest eats first. Whether you are the guest or not. It's just out of respect and tradition which I am totally fine with. Jimin and Jungkook took their first bites before groaning. What? Is it that good? I waited for Anong to take a bite of hers before I could. Good god this tastes amazing. "Wow! This is amazing Anong! Did you make it yourself?" Jimin and Jungkook yelled at the same time, earning laughs from Anong and I. She nodded her head before turning to me, and we both gave each other a thumbs up. "Yeah, I always cook. But Hatai can cook too, just certain kinds of food, same with me. Right Hatai? You should tell them what you grew up with!" She nudged me in a joking manner, earning rolling eyes from me. I swear one day my eyes are going to roll so much they will get stuck in the back of my head. "Really!? Tell us Hatai! Please~!?" Jimin whined earning a funny face from Jungkook. I swear, these boys. Fine, I will tell them. Thanks a lot, Anong. I cleared my throat, finishing what food was left in my mouth before wiping my face with a napkin. "Well, you see. I grew up with Laotian culture. I had family from Laos so I knew the language well, along with everything cultural and traditional." "You know Lao!? Speak it for us!" I sighed before searching in deep thought for something I could say to them. Suddenly Anong whispered in my ear to say 'Tell them how much you love them and that they are your biases.' I scoffed before rolling my eyes, again, and went back to thinking. I got it. "Khaphachaohak thanthangsong dai lae khaphachaoko khaphachao khaphachao huchak pheng lae thuksingthukyang thithan pai odnyphankan phiangaetsoalab thahanlae tonoeng khongthan kalunaya thoahai tonoeng kantosu!" Which just translates to how much I love them and appreciate them. Not what Anong told me to say. Jimin and Jungkook's faces lit up with joy, clapping while standing and saying 'Bravo, Bravo!' in English with their thick accents. Aww how cute! I stood up, bowing while hitting my head on the table. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me! I giggled at my own mistake, everybody bursting into laughter at my clumsiness. Suddenly the doorbell rung. Anong and I looked at each other, confusion written over everybody's face. "I will go and answer it. Just keep eating your food everybody." I got up, out of my seat and walked slowly to the door, hesitantly. Nobody knows where we live. Who could this possibly be? I peeked through the peephole only to see multiple shadow figures. Okay then. I began unlocking the door before swinging it open. "Hello Hatai." I stared at them before raising an eyebrow, unsure of these people. "Who are you?"
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is it the rest of BTS? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ But how would they know where they live and that both jimin and junkook where with them? who does she see as a "MAN" ? every time I read more about this story it always gets me thinking and it gets me super curious I can't wait for the next chapter πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†