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안녕하세요 , annyeonghaseyo, Hello Hello!! This is KPopBeat here with another new MV update!.... Just a little while ago I received the notification that none other than Crush had dropped his new MVs.... yes I said MVs as in plural.
If you are a fan of the R&B, hip hop scene then you should know who this soulful singer/rapper is. The 92' artist debuted back in 2012 with Amoeba Culture. He has done songs with people such as Zion.T and Zico, making a rather well known name for himself in the industry.
I watch as many hip hop, or upbeat kpop is passed around the vingle community but I feel that the R&B isn't shown nearly as much love... so here I am, as always, thinking outside of the box!!
But don't take my opinion on how awesome Crush is.... listen to these tracks yourself and let me know what you think!
What did you think? Personally I love them both but '9 to 5' might be my favorite. I mean listen to that voice! That Rap! That beat! *Melts* ....... *cough cough*... I mean.....
Hope you enjoyed it as much as this fangirl did!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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literally just got those songs. I have them on repeat for for about half an hour now and I'm in love! (🐳 Sky)
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That is my Sky.... embrace the corruption!
2 years ago·Reply
@KpopBeat.... I'm not acknowledging anything 😝 (🐳 Sky)
2 years ago·Reply
Too late dear... you dont have to acknowledge it... we already know
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