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Okay so I was tagged by @resavalencia and man... I absolutely positively can guarantee you that this is the hardest thing I've had to do so far all year and I just took the ACT on top of 8,849,939,929 EOCs.... My ultimate bias is without a doubt Jung Hoseok of BTS but Jackson Wang holds a very special place on my bias list as well.
*Q: Who would you date and why?* A: okay this took me about an hour but I choose Hoseok because I feel like he would be able to understand me better, if that makes sense. Also, I feel like if I wanted to go on a adventure at 3:47 in the morning he'd be ready to go with me.
*Q: If you could only save one from falling off of a cliff, who would you pick and why?* A: okay now with this one I thought long and hard about it and I took a few things into consideration. I think they both would be pretty capable of pulling themselves up but, again, I would choose Hoseok because I think he would be freaking out the most.
*Q: Would you rather lose your memory of Hoseok or Jackson?* A: I'd rather lose my memory of Jackson cause it would be fun to discover him all over again.
*Q: They both have a concert on the same day and they want you to support them. Who do you see?* A: I would choose Hoseok cause I honestly don't think I could ever pass up a Bangtan concert.
*Q: If both proposed to you, who would you say yes to?* A: Okay so I changed my answer about 20 times and I'm certain I would say yes to Hoseok now because I think being married to him would be so much fun and I need fun in my life.
This hurt a lot and I LOVE JACKSON BUT HOSEOK JUST SLAYS MY EXISTENCE. I'm terrible and tired, meh.
@sarahdarwish it's no problem good luck on your finals!!!
@resavalencia it's fiiiiiiine I feel bad for Jackson tho aha
This was funny. I loved it and I can't wait to do this after this week of finals. :) thanks for the tag 🤗
sorry for killing you with this! I felt horrifically guilty after, especially the cliff question. I still feel bad towards Jimin about that.... 😕 Thanks for tagging me, I'm so glad you did a card! 😊
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