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Hey Taemi here :3 Amber is in talks for joining the new TvN drama 'Entourage'. Entourage is a remake of the U.S. HBO show! It's going to be just like the original except it will be more relatable to the Korean audience. On May 5th, SM Entertainment told the news outlet OSEN that she received an offer about being apart of Entourage and SM are considering it. But it was previously reported that she have already joined the cast! awesome right? Amber has been offered the role of Kim Eun Gab’s personal assistant, known as Jay Jung. Originally her character is played by a man but they have changed it to a female role. If she does take the role, it will be her first time acting since her debut!

'Entourage' will be airing sometime in the second half of the year. Are you looking forward to watching this?

For more information about the drama and who's going to be apart of the cast check out this link: (Credit To Soompi) *Kpopint does not the photo. Creds to the rightful owner.

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