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The city of Seattle is known for it's diehard fan base, but financial reasons led the Seattle Supersonics to leave the city close to a decade ago.
Ever since the team departed from the city, famous members of the community have been fighting for the NBA to add another team back to the city.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took to Twitter on Tuesday night to share his frustration over Seattle's failure to bring an NBA team back to the city, following the City Council's decision to vote against giving part of Occidental Avenue South to an entrepreneur who wants to build an arena.
Seattle, Lets stand up & fight to get our team back! The stadium would sell out every game," said Wilson on Twitter. "Let's start a petition Seattle! @NBA#WhyNotUs"

Should an NBA team be added back to the city of Seattle?

Seattle wouldn't be too bad for an NBA team
One of the Cali teams can move to Seattle. I feel like there are way too many teams in Cali.
I quit following the NBA after my Supersonics left town. This is another example of Russell Wilson's leadership.