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I was tagged by @resavalencia, and I have to agree this is like the hardest thing ever. Now normally I would choose my UB, but because that would be too boring I'll give it to my runner's up. My god this was super hard to do, I had to think about it all day long and I'm still questioning it ugh..
Q1. Who would I date and why?
I would date Lee Hong Ki, mostly because he's out going and funny, and I'm shy and quite. I would feel comfortable around him which would actually make me more outgoing and I tend to try new things more that way.
Q2. If I could only save one from falling of a cliff, who would you pick and why?
I would pick Eunhyuk because Hongki is loud someone would pick him up or he would pull himself out.
Q3. Would I rather lose my memory of bias #1 or bias #2?
If I absolutely had to choose I'd have to say Eunhyuk, because finding him again would be fun and enjoyable.
(This was so hard, I went back and forth back and forth)
Q4. They both have a concert on the same day and they want you there to support them. Who do you see?
UGH!! This one is super hard, I love them both so much and I want to see both :(.
I would choose Hong Ki, because FT Island really has a great stage performance and I love his voice.
Q5. If both proposed to me who would I say yes to?
UGH again with the tough choices.
I think I would say yes to Eunhyuk he is 30 and I'm 35 so the age gap isn't to big for me. I enjoy dancing, even though I can't very well, so it would be fun for him to teach me and get all close and personal with him. Plus just look at that body my god!!!
@resavalencia thanks for this challenge it was super hard though 😜 I know right Hongki i love his laugh too and his sense of humor
omg, I love Hongki!! He seriously has the best laugh I have ever heard! I'm so glad you did a card - thanks for tagging me 😊