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hello ! iM BACK ! i'm really sorry for putting these off for a while but i was extremely distracted (and i still partially am) by bTS'S RELEASE OF 'FIRE' mY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD -and also due to a bunch of school work- *ahem* anyway, i'm really sorry these are late bUT OMG IM ALREADY AT 20 LOCKSCREEN CARDS thanks to all that supported this series ! please look forward to more :---)))) anyway, i hope all who requested likes theirs ! *ps i may have added a few extra lockscreens in ;--)*
requested by : @sherrysahar image(s) : s.coups (seventeen), mingyu (seventeen), jb (got7), jongup (bap)
requested by : @swarrier16 image(s) : donghyuk, seunghoon, xiumin
requested by : @reyestiny93 image(s) : zelo (bap), youngjae (bap), jinjin (astro), minho (winner)
requested by : @MariaMontoya1 image(s) : namjoon (bts), yoongi (bts), gd
that's all for now! i'm so so so so sorry for putting these off :-( here are some cute kim taehyung lockscreens to make up for my absence : )
anyway, i hope everyone liked theirs and anyone can request but please consider my rules when you request : 1) must be requested on the latest lockscreen or the one directly before 2) requests must be 5 lockscreens or lower (i'm sorry i'm making this a rule >.< but i have school and some after school things) 3) this is more optional but it would be helpful to list the group the idol is in (of course it's not gonna work for people who are actors 눈_눈) if you would like to be tagged or untagged just comment ! also, if you want to see more lockscreens, check out all of my lockscreens ever made !
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@sleepingyoongi TAG ME PLEASE!!!! And do you do more than one idol on one background???
2 years ago·Reply
@TaehyungV sure :-) just tell me the idols and i can put both on one
2 years ago·Reply
@sleepingyoongi YASSS! THANK YOU! And can I have my Markiepooh, my sweet Kookie, and my little Dragon on one???? Sorry that it's three. (Mark, Jungkook, Jiyong or GD)
2 years ago·Reply
omg I want to get tagged on these please!
2 years ago·Reply