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Nooooooooooooooo!! My Ken is a...a...I can barely say it...Hufflepuff!! 😱😱😱
As a proud Slytherin I have just taken a devastating blow! Fear not my Ken, you are still my UB, but now I'm going to have to take "The Walk of Shame" at Hogwarts! Aaaaaand be a little in-Slytherin to win your soul forever!
Someone who writes kpop fanfics should do a crossover of Kpop and Hogwarts if it hasn't been done! Credit to the artist for this, I didn't do it!
Lol luckily Ravi was wearing a non descript wizard outfit so I still have a chance that we are in the same house
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He fits hufflepuff really well though!!! Yay glad to have him in my house :)
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@baileykayleen I agree, he's perfect Hufflepuff material.
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Yay another hugglepuff member!
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