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Omo!! Here we go ladies and gents! Season 2 of Diamonds is well on its way to being written. Thanks to our dear friend @sailynn I have decided to give you all a few teasers here and there. She said you would need them so blame her :P ANYWAYS!! IF you have not read the first season I would highly recommend it! You can find it in it HERE! If you have? Well then I thank you for being with me and encouraging me to continue my story of Nanami and Jin. I have decided to name the Second Season Diamonds are Forever, and I hope you will all enjoy it as much as you did Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. Well without further adieu I am going to give you a little teaser from this seasons Diamonds.
His breath caught as he took in the scene in front of him. Her hair was still just as long as he remembered, the gleam in her eyes and the smirk on her lips hadn’t changed one bit. Jin shook his head scolding himself for hallucinating about her yet again. ‘She is gone Jin. Move on.’ He scolded himself mentally, but he still couldn’t find the strength to move. His limbs felt heavy like they were secured into place by concrete, and his head was foggy. Three years, it had been exactly three years since she had disappeared on him without a trace. Three years since he had watched the news like a hawk only paying attention to the recordings of stolen goods. Three years since he visited every large gem convention with some kind of high priced diamond, pearl, sapphire, or ruby. Even his fans had started to think he just loved shiny things, but the truth was he was looking for her. Just when Jimin had talked him into giving up and moving on with his life, just when he had decided he would try to forget her… here she was. Sitting in his living room like nothing had ever happened. Like she had never left him in the first place. Her hair hanging loosely around her face making his fingers twitch to push it behind her ears. Her smirk slowly turning into a genuine smile as she looked at him. Yes, Nanami wasn’t like this. The girl he knew would have said something back, she would have come up with something clever or witty when he just continued to stare at her. Jin swallowed hard and shook his head slightly. Why after all of these years was she still haunting him like this? Shouldn’t you be able to forget your first love? Isn’t a first love supposed to be just a short fling that disappears as you move on with your life? Why couldn’t he forget her? He was dragged out of his thoughts as she shifted moving to sit down on the arm of the sofa. “Hey there Pretty Boy.” Her words were like poison. How could he have even thought he would be able to forget her. Even his mind was able to easily remember her voice. He was exhausted. He couldn’t take this torture anymore. With a sigh he turned on his heels and started to head back to his room. “I was talking to you.” Jin froze. Her voice was right in his ear. He could feel her breath tickle his earlobe and the smell of her perfume drifted lazily into his nose. His heart nearly stopped beating when she snaked her arms around his waist and hugged his back tightly. “N..Nanami?” He turned around to face the small frame only inches away from him. “Oh! You do remember me Pretty Boy. You had me worried for a minute there.” She smirked and flicked the tip of his nose. “Here I thought the stardom had gone to your head and you had forgotten you thieving ex girlfr…..” Her words were cut off as his hands reached out to hold her head still as he kissed her. The kiss was full of need and hope. Nanami moved up onto her tippy toes and snaked her arms around his neck letting him deepen the kiss for only a moment before pulling back and smiling. “Nice to see you again too Pretty Boy.”
The big hello again from our dear main characters!! I know it was short... and I know I still haven't decided on an exact date to let Diamonds 2 come out... but I will keep you all updated on the progress I have made in the story. Don't ask me any questions about what will happen because 1: if I tell you that will kill the story... and 2: I really dont know. This story is one that basically writes itself. I am just here to listen to Nanami's and Jin's story and relay it to you as I am told. lol I know I am a bit crazy.... all writers are... but thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! Tagging the Loverlys: @drummergirl691 @dchapple45 @CynthiaBurg @ninjamidori @tinathellama @Zephoria @BlackJackXXX @staceyholley @Jinnyrod3 @kiinLyr @amberg171997 @AmberFranco @HeichousRegalia @faith92 @FalseLove @SugaMint @AyameTenchu @Orihemay @ParkHwaYoung @Eliortiz13 @Jinnyrod3 @MaritessSison @tiffany1922 @aliahwhbmida @KarolinaTrevino @Kpossible4250 @Ercurrent @sarahdarwish @YunBao @Eliortiz13 @MsLoyalHeart @CheyenneJessee @ESwee @KoreanDramaMaMa @PatriciaS @ElishiaFisher @morhilge1441 @mrsjeon @DropDeadKawaii @Sailynn @janellym123
@Sailynn Its a teaser... and not even one from the first chapter! lol I can't give you guys everything now
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So excited for this!!!!!!!!!!
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