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It just got announced on KTLA news, that not only will BTS be in NYC but they will be headlining in LA AS WELL. I don't think you understand the situation we have on our hands. THEY WILL BE AT BOTH KCONS!
@CreeTheOtaku see i had settled that they weren't coming to LA and just NYC. I still got Block b. Yeah i kept wishing that someone else i loved would be there like VIXX. But then watching KconLive yesterday they said that the new channel was going to announce who was headlining and that made this a big deal. @Helixx And i were oh so hoping that it woukd be BigBang giving us their farewell. Now that i jave calmed down from last night, i feel bad that not only are they coming to LA, but rhey are also in Dubi practicing for that concert and then Fly to France for that Kcon, all to come to NYC for that kcon and then to LA. I love these guys and want to fan girl so much but i do wish for their health and they get enough sleep and not over work themselves
I'm actually kind of worried they might over work themselves at kcon....
@lovetop yeah ....just get lots of sleep boys. thats what i wish for them
I am happy they are coming to LA.......But I feel very bad if they don't have time to REST......x_X"....But the schedule is announced....so really don't know what to think now.
😱💀 I'm dead now I just have to pick which one to go to
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