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Making this wasn't difficu-lt but does take a bit of time with making the sauce and smoking the chicken. -BBQ sauce: Buy regular bbq flavor sauce, add peppers, garlic, beer, chili peppers and mix. -On tin foil, layout the chicken thighs and brush the BBQ sauce generously over the chicken and wrap tight. (Note: Use a tin foil tray underneath cuz the sauce will spill out of the foil) -Save the half of sauce for later. -Indirect heat the grill and place the foil in the center. Cover the grill and let it cook for 30~40min. -Take the foil out of the grill, open the foil & brush some more BBQ sauce on the chicken. -With soaked wood chips, place them in the hot coals and place the chicken back with the foil open. Close the lid. -Smoke for 10min. -Place more soaked wood chips for a second time and repeat for 10min. Finally, add more of the left over sauce onto the chicken once you've placed them on a plate and pour over the chicken juice from the BBQ tray and serve.
@PaulLim i loveeeeeeeee chicken and beer!!! its a combo that works in every country in the worlddddd
@miranpark88 thanks, the smokey flavor added that outside hickory taste. I love chimaq 치맥^^ once in awhile but this felt like I was back in Canada
this is really niceeee! i was always looking for an alternative from the old fried chicken in koreaaaaa! i hope i can make it so i can post it hereeee :3 yours look delishhh!