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I'm going! Kcon NY!!!
hopefully block b and BTS perform on the same day!
I'm waiting to see which groups perform on which day but if block b and bts are performing on the same day then I'll definitely be going
That sad moment when your friends aren't into Kpop so you have no one to go with 馃槩馃槧 I need Kpop friends!! anyone wanna go with me?! #spreadthelove xD
@Rebecca22 of course I understand everything ur saying i'm just excited cuz this is my first time seeing them i mean all the best for them if they dnt have a concert here i'm fine with that because they worked so hard and they some rest so hopefully after they are done promoting they can get the rest they deserve and haters gonna hate thousands of ppl where the same close so i dnt know wat the big deal is because there famous?? Like ppl need to get a life its just clothes
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