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It is always LA i hope you and NY are very happy together while us southerners suffer kpopless
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That sad moment when your friends aren't into Kpop so you have no one to go with 馃槩馃槧 I need Kpop friends!! anyone wanna go with me?! #spreadthelove xD
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@cathysanchez157 awwwww:((( My friend and sister are coming with me u wont be alone a lot of ppl are going by them selves just have funnnnnnn and enjoyyy ur self unless u wanna hang with me lol #spreadtheloveofkpop
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@sarabear1021 Aww thanks for the invite 馃槉 I wouldn't like to go alone so I rather hang out with you guys c:
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@cathysanchez157 cool we can like meet up somewhere lol 馃槉
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