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According to, Blizzard has responded to a patch tester's post concerning an EXP buff item. The post refers to elements in the PTR that could be a precursor to an in-game item store. The original post is here: How do you feel about Blizzard taking steps toward microtransactions?
It's also very skewed towards a few servers as well. Blackrock is the most prevalent as they have a thriving pvp community as well as a few top tier progression guilds worldwide. Creates less incentives to join smaller servers as servers themselves die out. It's quite sad since even though I started out in Blackrock, as more and more people joined the server, it felt a lot more distant.
I understand that sentiment. I feel the same way as well. Vanilla WoW was awesome because there was a "barrier to entry". You didn't get to enjoy all of the content unless you earn it. It was like a right of passage, as well as, the chance to makes new friends and form bonds with people. Now it's just log in que up and complete content. No need for social interaction. I think that's what's missing most, as WoW becomes more and more anonymous, I don't have to try hard to be the best that I can because I know that the people I meet are form other realms and their is a high possibility that I will never meet them again.
While WoW's focus is mainly the end game content, I felt that making the leveling process easier and easier gave away the "epic" feeling that I once had in Vanilla when leveling meant something. I mean I really enjoyed exploring everywhere and even if I did die every 30 minutes without my buddy helping me, it make it that much better when I did finish a quest chain. As of late, I won't even read the quest blurb and just do whatever the add-on I installed tells me.
@lovemilkis I don't mind microtransactions, as long as they don't affect the game directly. Vanity items are an awesome way to generate revenue, but when "pay-to-win" items begin to appear that's when I'll call foul. At this point, an exp buff item is not even a big deal to me because its a good way to get your friends to start playing and have them level up quicker, and I'm sure that was Blizzard's thought process for this item specifically. People throwing a fit about it are just looking for something to complain about.
I think microtransactions are a great business model, but am kind of surprised that Blizz is now taking smaller and smaller steps to impacting the actual game. I believe this is one of the first items in their store that isn't a vanity item. I have mixed feelings, but I guess with Blizz losing so much of their playerbase they have to do something to get them all back or keep the people they already have.